Visual design of art based on interactive technology and environment aware intelligent devices


imageIn the digital era, visual programming technology has brought fresh blood to the field of art creation, making it completely realize the structural transformation, thus promoting art design to get rid of the limitations of traditional media.Based on the integration of environment awareness technology and interactive technology, this paper realizes the design and improvement of art interactive creation visualization system.The environmental awareness technologies included in the system are divided into several types with different application effects, including data storage and collection technology, data processing technology and scenario management technology.The system itself is designed as a three-tier system, including application layer, foundation layer and user interaction layer.

By using environment awareness technology, the system realizes the collection and source analysis of target data, and can perform scenario state calculation, information reasoning and storage.By introducing visualization technology, the system is equipped with a visual programming model, which can realize programming processing based on node data.It can be seen from the simulation experiment data that the system can achieve efficient and feasible data processing, and its memory utilization, CPU utilization and requests, bandwidth and other indicators are positively correlated.

Therefore, the application of this visualization system can effectively assist individual artists in artistic creation, break communication barriers, achieve information interaction, bring new possibilities for artistic creation, and effectively adapt to the future art development environment.In this paper, the visual system is designed by applying environment awareness and interactive technology to the field of art design..

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