Disbelief as “Green King Charles” Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology


imageDisbelief as “Green King Charles” Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology

King Charles III has committed an open act of betrayal of all bona fide farmers, and particularly of organic farmers.

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First published on March 27, 2023

Next week, May 6, 2023 Coronation of “Green King Charles”


In one of the more shocking hypocrisies of this year so far, Charles III, King of England – considered to be a strong supporter of organic farming and environmental causes – has given his Royal Assent to a biotechnology ‘innovation’ which will provide an open book for UK firms to alter the genome of animals and plants, so as to create novel engineered species and biotech ‘foods’.

In taking this step Charles has committed an open act of betrayal of all bona fide farmers, and particularly of organic farmers.

[The Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Act 2023 was given the royal go ahead on 23rd March, 2023.[1]]https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2023/6/pdfs/ukpga_20230006_en.pdf

This piece of legislation will, for the time being, be unique to the UK, as such animal and plant biotech deformations are not allowed in the EU and many other countries.

A secondary deception relates to the marketing of such novel recombinant DNA experiments.

The UK government has stated that no separate definition will be given to gene technology engineered products, therefore no special labelling will be required.

click below to access pdf file of the Parliamentary document

The dark irony of the King of England launching unlabelled biotech foods, animals and plants on citizens of his own country, is difficult to trump.

Charles is already in conflict with the constitution of his country by standing shoulder to shoulder with Klaus Schwab in promoting the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’.One of the main objectives of which is to render nation states obsolete and to centralise all power within the control of a small despotic elite, whose stated intention is to make all private property illegal and to re-engineer human beings into Transhuman cyborgs.

May 6, 2023 Coronation of King Charles

On May 6, 2023, at his coronation in London, Charles will be officially crowned monarch of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth (colonies).A large empire.

As the centre piece of the coronation ceremony, Charles will swear ‘The Coronation Oath’, essentially pledging his allegiance to the people of Great Britain and to protecting the sovereignty of the country and its traditions.

If Charles does not break his relationship with the World Economic Forum before this point, he will be performing an act of treason.

The implications of this are profound.

As yet, the British people have not woken-up to their fate.

But should the truth emerge of this singularly blatant hypocrisy, the future of the British monarchy will be dark indeed.

The UK is officially recognised as a ‘constitutional monarchy’.

With an unrevoked Common Law constitution stretching back to the Magna Carta of 1215, the true political power lies with the people and not with parliament.Something which has been largely hidden from public knowledge.

If there is to be a future king or queen, the country needs that person to exercise his/her rite to stand-up against the continual parliamentary usurpation of the people’s power.

The people need a monarch with some guts, some wisdom and a genuine respect for truth.

Someone who will use his time-honoured constitutional powers to block anti-life legislation like The Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Act 2023; thus setting a proper precedent for Great Britain’s ‘first among equals’ to act like a real King.


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Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist.He is co-founder of The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology

https://hardwickalliance.org/ and President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside.

Julian is a strong defender of pro ecological and traditional small farmers and successfully led ‘The Campaign to Save Real Milk’ against two UK government’s attempts to ban it.To find out more and to learn about his books, visit www.julianrose.info

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.


[1] Please see this link for official UK government act.

For short version scroll down to c.6, 2023 Chapter 6

https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2023/6/pdfs/ukpga_20230006_en.pdf Julian Rose, Global Research, 2023 Comment on Global Research Articles on our Facebook page

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