Melanie Bush


| | m (Piped italics fix: P2) | | No edit summary |Line 134:||Line 134:| | | She enjoyed the [[music]] of [[ABBA]] and the [[Bee Gees]].([[PROSE]]: ”[[Business Unusual (novel)|Business Unusual]]”) She did not drink [[tea]].([[AUDIO]]: ”[[The Devil’s Footprints (audio story)|The Devil’s Footprints]]”) Mel sometimes found it difficult to cope […]

What Is rel=”noopener” in WordPress? (Explained)


Have you been wondering what rel=”noopener” means in WordPress? When you add a link that opens in a new tab, WordPress will automatically add the rel=”noopener” attribute to that link. In this article, we will explain what rel=”noopener” means in WordPress and how it affects your website. What Is rel=”noopener” […]

22 Best WordPress Themes for Startups (2023)


Are you looking for WordPress startup themes for your site? You need a reliable platform for your website, something that can scale quickly as your startup grows.You also need a theme that lets you showcase your work and projects professionally. In this article, we will share some of the best […]

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