Top 10 best electric cars 2024


imageBelow you’ll find Autocar’s considered list of the best electric cars on the market.

Each vehicle stands as a pinnacle in the realm of electrified automotive technology, whether that be for luxury, refinement, space, in-car technology, range or overall driver appeal.

Whether you seek the most practical, entertaining, or comfortable electric car, this list has you covered as each car has been selected for its exceptional prowess in a specific aspect.Moreover we’ll explain why each car is deserving of its place and why several of our journalists agree.

Stand by for a few hundred words aimed at anyone on the verge of making an EV their next car.

Don’t like any of our choices? Read our list of the

[new electric cars](/car-news/new-cars/new-electric-cars) coming soon to see what’s on the horizon.

The best electric cars

Cupra Born

Best for: Fun factor


Abarth 500e, Kia EV6

Autocar has, for a couple of years now, conducted an annual test of the best-handling,

[most fun electric cars](/car-news/electric-cars/whats-most-fun-everyday-ev) on sale.Our reigning champion is the Cupra Born, which beat the challenge of cars like the [MG 4 XPower](/car-review/mg-motor/4-xpower) and Abarth 500e to impress our judges.

The Born sits at a compelling nexus of size and usability, weight and power, of real-world range, and of price and affordability.It’s got enough power to keep you interested, but not so much as to seem excessive for the road, or to compromise its efficiency in quicker motoring.It’s got an engaging, balanced rear-driven chassis, and some precision and purpose to its body control – but it doesn’t forget to include four usable seats and a decent boot.

It’ll cover 220 real-world miles on a charge, which should be enough to get you to and from your favourite road, but it’s also got the personality and poise to make the trip worthwhile.

There’s a completeness to the Cupra Born as a package that makes it the ideal affordable EV for interested drivers to take their first steps into zero-emissions motoring.Perhaps not by chance, it feels more like a

Volkswagen Golf GTI for the electric age than anything VW is making itself right now..

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