H&M worker exposes NYC store’s alleged lice outbreak in photos


imageMore On: insects How Edward O.Wilson taught us to expand our sense of wonder Male darkling beetle gives oral sex to impress female before mating Couple discovers seven-foot bees nest behind bathroom shower tiles Bug photographer draws fire for doping his tiny subjects H&M is bugging out.

Netroya B, a soon-to-be ex-sales adviser at the street-fashion retailer’s location in New York City’s World Trade Center Oculus, has shared unsettling snapshots of insect-infested clothes allegedly being sold to unsuspecting customers.

“I work at the H&M in the Oculus at World Trade & today a customer discovered lice on a rack of hoodies,” Netroya, 28, claimed in a tweet Wednesday .She went on to suggest that the shop’s managers and executives were aware of the parasitic outbreak, but decided not to stop the flow of business.

“They’re not closing the store nor are they notifying employees of the problem,” the Brooklyn native claimed.“The section was just blocked off.”

In her trending tweet, which has garnered more than 3,000 likes and re-tweets on Twitter, Netroya shared three images of the creepy-crawlies — wingless insects that feed on human blood, carry bacterial diseases and can cause skin discoloration and severe fever — marching around on the collars and sleeves of reportedly for-purchase sweatshirts on display.

H&M did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

I work at the H&M in the Oculus at World Trade & today a customer discovered lice on a rack of hoodies.They’re not closing the store nor are they notifying employees of the problem.The section was just blocked off.pic.twitter.com/eAIlOxfmJu

— G’s Technician 🤍 (@Madesonee_) December 29, 2021 However, a spokesperson told Newsweek that the store did close.

“We take customer and employee safety extremely seriously,” the statement said.“Out of an abundance of caution, we closed the store in question in order to investigate fully.”

The unsightly scene sparked a surge of shock and disgust throughout social media.

“OMG ewwww that’s so damn gross,” exclaimed one revolted Twitter user .

“Nope, the whole store has to go,” commented another , adding the peace-sign emoji for emphasis.

Other online analysts, more well-versed in properly identifying problematic pests, informed Netroya that the bugs in her pictures were likely bedbugs rather than lice.

“These are adult bedbugs.Store needs to be closed immediately,” insisted a commentator , supporting their claim with a diagram of a bedbug’s life cycle.

These are adult bedbugs.

Store needs to be closed immediately.pic.twitter.com/SMUilEQTBI

— Lucy In The Sky on her Dragon With Her Dogs n Wine (@WantedRedhead01) December 30, 2021 “Oh noooo those are bedbugs, but awful either way!! Someone prob tried on clothes and transferred them into the store.Take your work clothes off as soon as u get in your home, put them in a plastic bag to transport to a dryer immediately and run that s – – t on the highest heat,” urged another .

And scads of social media users advised Netroya to delete her damning tweet for fear she would lose her job.

But getting fired from H&M was the least of the whistle-blower’s worries.

“Thank you to everyone concerned about me losing my job.my last day is Friday (I’m resigning because I hate it there),” she tweeted in part .“My job knows about the tweet lma .

yea… we just gonna make today my last day,” she cheekily continued in a subsequent post..

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