Here Are the 11 Cheapest Electric Vehicles You Can Buy


imageSo you’ve decided to take a gamble on an electric vehicle, but you’d like to keep the ante down for getting into the game.There are lots of good reasons not to spend the kids’ college fund on the fanciest, six-figure EV — namely, sending them to college.Related: [Electric Vehicles: Understanding the Terminology](/articles/electric-vehicles-understanding-the-terminology-440188/) You might be just looking for an efficient second car for city use or commuting in high occupancy vehicle lanes, where it makes little sense to pay top dollar for 400 miles of range when a 200-mile EV would serve your needs.Or you might have figured out (accurately) that by the time your new EV’s lease or loan is finished, a wider selection of EVs with much improved technology will be available.Or the [higher-than-expected cost to install Level 2 home charging](/articles/what-it-cost-to-outfit-six-homes-with-ev-chargers-447239/) , all but essential to owning an EV, might have shrunk your budget for the car itself.Whatever your reasons, there are EVs available now that won’t break the bank, though they’re generally still more expensive than comparable gasoline vehicles.

Note that availability can be relative for EVs.[Some are sold only in certain states](/articles/how-to-buy-an-ev-that-is-not-sold-in-your-state-447911/) , while others require a reservation for delivery weeks or months later.Below are 11 of the cheapest model-year 2022 EVs you can buy, listed by starting price (including destination).The prices do not include [the federal government’s plug-in tax credit](/articles/which-electric-cars-are-still-eligible-for-the-7500-federal-tax-credit-429824/) — currently $7,500 for qualifying taxpayers on most electric cars — nor any state or local subsidies.(The federal subsidy has run out for Tesla and GM because both have surpassed the EV sales cap for the credit.) There are proposals to raise the cap and tinker with it in other ways, but nothing has changed as of this writing.[Nissan Leaf].

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