Export Enterprises prove that hybrid model is the way to go


imageDevelopment Academy of the Philippines no longer a GOCC

Concentrix is not only the country’s largest private employer with a nationwide presence.It is also the recipient of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Awards as Best Company, Best Employer, Best Foreign-Owned Company and Best BPO Contact Center for two years in a row in 2020 and 2021.

“Alternative work arrangements provide unique benefits for our industry and people as we operate continuously, are disaster-resilient, global-customer facing and technology-driven by nature.It is also timely considering the current global issue of rising fuel costs that would be financially detrimental to a return-to-office approach, not just for businesses but for staff themselves to bear.Our clients and their customers around the world have embraced alternative work and alternative modes of customer contact which provide a superior experience for them.If potentially higher fiscal taxes in the Philippines are imposed for WFH and hybrid-work employers like Concentrix, this action will erode our country’s attractiveness to foreign investors who are looking for partners who have scale and flexibility in operations and staffing.

We truly believe that flexible work models are key to ensuring the Philippines’ global competitiveness, represent a progressive way to the future, and should be strengthened and encouraged,” Amit further mentions.

The positive global trend of flexible work models has been cited since 2012, in a report published by Regus called Flexibility Drives Productivity, citing that “72% of global businesses report that increased productivity is a direct result of flexible working practices while 68% of interviewed firms stated that flexible working has led to staff generating increased revenue.This is particularly true in emerging economies that appear to have made flexible working a key part of their development.”

Therefore, given the right environment, export enterprises will continue to thrive.

A factor that will help propel this is to adopt global work trends such as flexible and hybrid work models, that are also widely embraced by the global principals of local players and by the clients and customers they serve.

This is the way forward according to industry association IBPAP and companies like Concentrix, urging the government to allow continuation of alternative work arrangements whether it be WFH or hybrid, in order to support employment and industry growth, decongestion of metros and conservation of resources, lower cost of living, and to spread revenue generation to the rest of the nation.


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