The 12-inch OLED display can be stretched out to 14-inches w


imageThe price of gadgets is only going to continue to increase, making the sting of accidentally dropping your smartphone or tablet and watching the screen shatter to thousands of pieces even more painful.But what if screens were the most durable part of a touchscreen device? That’s a future I’m ready for, and one that LG is diligently working on.

Although it seems like OLED technology is the future of screens and displays because it consumes less power, allows devices to be made thinner and lighter, produces vibrant colors and eye-pleasing contrast ratios, and can be curved and bent without damage, it also relies on organic compounds to create its self-emitting glow, which can degrade over time.That’s why there’s so much buzz around microLED technology , which is even more energy-efficient than OLEDs, while potentially producing even brighter images without the need for a separate backlight.LG’s latest research demonstrates yet another benefit of microLEDs: they can also be stretched and bent like OLEDs without being damaged.

Buy at SabersPro screens earlier this year? Imagine that car instead becoming a rolling animated billboard at night, but one that can easily survive a minor fender bender when other drivers inevitably get distracted.Update – November 9, 8:18am EST: This story incorrectly stated that LG’s new stretchable display is based on OLED screen technology, when it’s actually leveraging microLEDs instead..

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