Is PlayStation Now About to Disappear?


imageIs PlayStation Now About to Disappear?

Is [PlayStation](/category/playstation-generic/) Now about to disappear and be replaced with a new subscription service and a proper Xbox Game Pass competitor? Not only does it look like this is what’s happening, but it looks like it may be happening very soon, and [PlayStation Plus](/category/playstation-plus/) may join it as a casualty.Since last year, there have been reports and rumors claiming that PlayStation was working on a new subscription service, codenamed Spartacus, that would most notably combine PS Now and PS Plus into a single subscription service.These reports still haven’t been validated by any official news, however, a new development seems to signal that not only is this indeed happening, but that it’s imminent.

Across the Atlantic ocean in the UK, retailers have reportedly been advised to stop selling [PlayStation Now](/category/playstation-now/) subscription cards by the end of the month.Now, this could indicate that a PlayStation Now price change is imminent, but given the aforementioned rumors, it seems more likely this is preparing for “Spartacus,” the code name of the subscription service.

As for what Spartacus is going to be, it’s apparently a response to Xbox Game Pass, but also not quite Xbox Game Pass.According to the previous and aforementioned reports, it’s going to allow PlayStation users to pay a monthly fee to access a large library of games across multiple generations of PlayStation consoles.

At the moment of publishing, Sony — who never addressed the initial reports — has not commented on this new report about PlayStation Now cards being pulled from shelves in the UK and the speculation it has created.If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

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