GameStop PS5 Restock Just Made A Lot of PlayStation Fans Angry


imageGameStop PS5 Restock Just Made A Lot of PlayStation Fans Angry

Just like in 2020 and 2021, PS5 restocks are a mess.Supply still can’t keep up with demand, which means that every single PS5 restock — whether from [GameStop](/category/gamestop/) , Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Walmart, or any other retailer — is an infuriating process for anyone participating that doesn’t have a bot that can gobble up orders in seconds for the purpose of reselling.Not only is it still very hard to buy a PS5 — and especially a digital PS5 — but restocks are seemingly less frequent than they used to be.

There haven’t been many PS5 restocks this year, so when GameStop announced it was having one today, many [PlayStation](/category/playstation-generic/) fans dug out the war paint and armor ready to prepare for a battle.They never had a chance though.The restock was depleted literally within a few seconds.

And this was despite consoles being limited to bundles, which scalpers are less likely to poach due to the reduced profit margins.

As you would expect PlayStation customers weren’t happy.

Not only did the PS5 restock run dry very quickly, but GameStop customers ran into website issues, which were likely the result of a huge uptick in traffic.

In addition to this, some customers got through the whole ordering process just to find an error message at the end of it.In other words, they were given false hope.This isn’t uncommon for PS5 restocks, especially GameStop, but it manages to go the extra mile in infuriating customers each and every time.

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Below, you can check out just a few of customers’ reactions to today’s PS5 restock from GameStop, courtesy of Twitter.Typically, these reactions include customers bragging about their orders, but not this time, suggesting this restock in particularly was rough for hopeful PlayStation fans dying to get their hands on the latest Sony console.

This Is Getting Ridiculous

Honestly this is getting ridiculous.They are getting sold out instantly.— Samantha (@sincerelymayhem) [March 8, 2022]




Y’all are just trying to make it impossible for real customers like us to get one aren’t you — 💚MARRRCHH BBYS 🔥💚❤😏😏🍀🇺🇦 (@fatfurrywolf) [March 8, 2022]



False Hope

How could you do this to me GameStop!?! — Craig Wills (@_CraigWills_) [] [March 8, 2022]



This Is a Joke

They didn’t even post to purchase.This is a joke! — Jeffrey Nielson (@NielsonJSII) [March 8, 2022]



Five Minutes Early Is Still Too Late

I’ve been on there since 0955 and refreshing every minute.

They’re sold out — Denisha (@n1sha_bs) [March 8, 2022]



Couldn’t Even Get Past the First Step

Why didnt I get an option to add to my cart? I’m a pro member literally refreshed the page the second the restock went live.Telling me it went out in one second? Or did I miss something? — Jason (@Jason85562206) [March 8, 2022]



Feels Like a Scam

Did they even drop? Or were you just trying to get you pro memberships up? Feels like a scam — Long Duck Dova (@TheRealCordova) [March 8, 2022]



Even GameStop Pro Members Couldn’t Get One

whats wrong with ya site ? and imma “pro member” — Parlay Gawd (@Parlayze) [] [March 8, 2022]


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