Why 2023 Is The Year Of Quantum Computing


imageWhy 2023 Is The Year Of Quantum Computing

The past few years brought numerous technologies into the mainstream, such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.In 2023, prepare for quantum computing!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced four quantum computing algorithms that will eventually be part of a final quantum computing standard.

Moreover, various countries have invested billions of dollars in related research and implemented laws to regulate quantum computing.

What are the recent quantum computing developments?

According to the cybersecurity news outlet Dark Reading, 2023 could be the year this technology would finally gain mainstream acceptance.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Jon France, asserts this claim.

“In 2023, we’ll see both the private and public sector’s increased awareness around the challenges associated with quantum resilience….”

“…and we’ll see efforts begin to take hold more significantly to prepare for quantum computing,” France said.

Management consulting firm McKinsey noted the amounts of money countries have allocated for this technology.

It said China leads investment with $15.3 billion in public funds placed in quantum computing projects.

Also, the European Union member states have a combined investment of $7.2 billion.The United States has allocated only $1.9 billion.

Yet, the US has been working on various measures to protect against developing technology.

It has been working with four NIST-approved algorithms to help organizations protect against harvest-now/decrypt later (HNDL) attacks.

These refer to adversaries holding on to encrypted items until technology advances enough to decrypt them.

On December 2022, US president Joe Biden Signed the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act (HR 7535).

It allows the Office of Management and Budget authority to implement NIST-approved quantum algorithms in the executive branch.

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computing uses the laws of quantum physics to solve problems that classical computers cannot.

Instead of the binary system of 1s and 0s, it uses quantum bits or qubits to represent zero and one simultaneously.

Dr.Thomas Monz leads a project to create a fully scalable quantum computer, and he explained its possibilities in an

EU interview.

He said, “Because it’s in many states at the same time, in simplified terms, it allows you to probe many possibilities at the same time.”

Monz pointed out how the financial sector could use such a machine to form the best portfolio by simulating multiple scenarios.

Moreover, he said it could help the world create new materials to solve long-standing problems like global energy loss.

Built In says the technology could drastically improve artificial intelligence.Also, the new tech could help us create new medicines and advanced batteries.


Quantum computing may become mainstream this year as more countries spend billions of dollars on it.

In response, you must learn all you can about these technologies.

As a result, you may thrive as they shift our daily lives.

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