In the weeks since Pokémon Legends: Arceus released, players


imageIn the weeks since Pokémon Legends: Arceus released, players have been discovering all sorts of neat secrets about this open-world game set long before the series’ mainline entries.Now, one hacker has found a sectioned-off area containing a bedroom with modern furnishings and amenities like a laptop, a large television, and the official Pikachu and Eevee edition of the Nintendo Switch–luxuries the residents of the Hisui region can only dream of.As originally spotted by VGC , a YouTuber uploaded a video that shows off a suspiciously modern looking bedroom in Legends .The room was originally discovered by the hacker Nekorun , who located it by flying into a skybox while in “free camera” mode.Given its out-of-the-way location, it’s likely that the developers intended for it to be off-limits.Which of course, has never stopped the video game hacker community from trying to break into restricted areas anyway.

Advertisement Most long-time Pokémon fans will recognize the bedroom as the starting area where most trainers begin their journey.

But since your character dropped out of the sky at the beginning of the game, they didn’t get to experience the comforts that series veterans have taken for granted.Most Pokémon games also feature a current-gen Nintendo console in your room, which the feudal Hisui region lacked for obvious reasons.

Its inclusion here has gotten fans speculating about the possibility of modern-day DLC.

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While it’s doubtful that the developers are going to drop modern Sinnoh into the game as DLC, the room does seem unusually detailed for content that was never used.The modern decor makes the place feel like a cozy home away from home.Even if the room remains unused, it’s a fun look into some of the ideas that went into Legends during development.

Nekorun isn’t the only person who has been digging into the game’s data for the benefit of the gaming public.Legends has a thriving modding community that has been adding graphical improvements and quality-of-life features (such as extending swim time).One thing’s for certain: if it’s in the game, then some hacker will probably find it.



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