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imageLeave a Comment on Elden Ring is the biggest game since Breath of the Wild ribbed Correction notes It is a weekly newsletter that tells you about the best things to watch, play and read.We wanted to share the launch issue to give you a glimpse of things to come.Let our team of editorial experts simplify your plans – Subscribe here ! Our top recommendations for this week are elden ring .This game is exceptional.

Its open fantasy world spans with little men, big swords and clever bonds.But a word of caution: Difficult video game .Despite creating a more intuitive game than its previous series, FromSoftware has made little effort to include accessibility options.And the players who skippedEvil spirits blood-borne And the Axe He will need to devote hours to learning the unspoken rules of the game.

We know from experience.Some of us have been fighting the same early villains for hours, making some of the jokes a little relatable.Fortunately, our more experienced Souls fans have produced many useful guides.If you’re playing in the most welcome chapter, the Mine with Magic, do we recommend rushing to take over the Meteorite crew and then hit the ghouls that have blocked your way to becoming the Elden Lord? When you are comfortable with elden ring , there’s a lot to learn about its creator and the iconic games that led to its first massive success in 2022.

For The New Yorker, Simon Parkin interviewed director Hidetaka Miyazaki.In Eurogamer, compare Christian Donlan elden ring to It is an electronic game , you know what? The comparison has an amazing meaning! So yes, we recommend giving elden ring Bullet, even if you’re afraid.Worst case scenario: You can take a fun ride on a magical horse with the ability to double jump.Or you can just watch it on YouTube.This works too! This week on YouTube | The 1995 game Dinotopia used actual animatronic dinosaurs in its movie scenes.These huge and adorable dolls are made with the same techniques used by the Stan Winston Studios Jurassic Park – but on a fraction of the budget.

Special effects artist Andre Freitas, of AFX Studios, tells on Polygon’s Simone de Rochefort how the dolls were made.Four stories to read

Graphic: James Parham/Polygon The best of 2022 | We launched the newsletter today, and we’re already breaking the rules.Instead of a single story, we’re recommending our collection of lists curating the best entertainment of 2022 so far.Games, movies, TV, anime – we have it all! The story behind the strangest Netflix show ever | We spoke with Adi Shankar, creator Guardians of Justice on how to make this caffeinated smoothie from Anime, Clay, Saturday Morning animation, and CGI.A closer look at the world’s largest gaming company | Khee Hoon Chan guides us through the history, strategy, and ambitions of mega video game publisher Tencent.If you are not familiar with the name, you will definitely learn about affiliates and investments.

Riot Games is owned by Tencent and has a large stake in Epic Games, the creator of It is an electronic game .Ukrainian official calls on game makers to ban Russian players | Game publishers, developers, and advocates across the industry have begun to respond to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.Several developers are cooperating to collect aid money for Ukrainians.Microsoft, EA and The Witcher Publisher CD Projekt have halted sales to Russia.

EA Sports has removed Russian teams from NHL and FIFA matches.Ukraine is home to many video game makers, and Polygon will continue to show you the ways you can support them and their nation throughout this war.

Three things to watch

Image caption: James Parham/Polygon | Image source: Warner Bros.photos.

Batman in theaters | Batman It’s a good reboot but it’s not great we wish it was more difficult.However, Robert Pattinson’s role as the iconic character is his best live appearance since then The Dark Knight .If you want to host a bat marathon, we have listed the best rankings to watch All Batman movie.

(Of course, there is one option that starts with batman and robin .) after yang in theaters | We have been expecting the new movie from director Kogonada since his heart-wrenching debut, Columbus .

his latest work, after yang, The director combines two things we love: science fiction and Colin Farrell.What a week for Farrell, who also plays Penguin Batman .Our knowledge means death on HBO Max | Cult TV show creator earth people It comes back to TV with what looks like a mixture of What do we do in the shade? The Pirates of the Caribbean.The ensemble cast of Taika Waititi and Leslie Jones is enough to pique our interest.Plus, What’s new in the broadcast : driving my car ! West side story ! Three games to play

Photo: Bungie Destiny 2: The Witch Queen | It took fans less than a day to turn the big reveal into a meme.That is to say, if you are the one who is interested in this game, then you are already playing this game.

And if you’re not that person, well, that’s the purpose of our guide.Available on PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.Grand Touring 7 | Younger readers probably won’t remember when the new Gran Turismo felt like the biggest release in video games.We reviewed decades of experience with the series to explain the extraordinary function the new GT plays in 2022.Available on PS4 and PS5.Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster | Obviously what you need now is else The game that eats dozens of hours.

Available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.Free game of the week

Photo: valve Aperture desk function | To showcase its new gaming laptop, Valve has launched a free demo of its hit seriesoutlet.

Aperture desk function It works on PC with a traditional game console, but is designed to showcase the capabilities of Steam Deck.Available on Windows and SteamOS .Best of the rest .

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