Diablo Immortal iOS Pre-Registration Opens, Special Cosmetics Up For Grabs


imageDiablo Immortal iOS Pre-Registration Opens, Special Cosmetics Up For Grabs

If 30 million people pre-register and complete the tutorial, everyone gets free cosmetic DLC.

[Diablo Immortal](/games/diablo-immortal/) is one step closer to release, as Blizzard has announced that pre-registration is now open on iOS.Pre-registration was already available on Android.

Everyone who pre-registers will get access to “exclusive cosmetics” at launch, Blizzard said in a tweet.The Horadrim cosmetic set will be given to all players if Diablo Immortal reaches 30 million global pre-registrations.The fine print also specifies that players must actually log into the game and complete the tutorial to grab the cosmetic pack.As you can see in the video below, the Horadrim cosmetic set includes some snazzy-looking gear for your character.

Diablo Immortal is scheduled for release later this year.Game director Wyatt Cheng recently discussed how when the game launches, it will sport a number of improvements and adjustments based on player feedback from the closed beta.The list of changes covers multiple aspects of the game, ranging from social mechanics and in-game purchases to character progression and controller support.

When it does arrive, it might include a [never-before-seen Diablo class, the Blood Knight](/articles/diablo-immortal-might-include-a-never-before-seen-class/1100-6499522/) .In addition to Diablo Immortal, a [Warcraft mobile project is also slated to arrive in 2022](/articles/blizzard-is-bringing-more-warcraft-to-mobile-in-2022/1100-6500304/) .

[Diablo IV](/games/diablo-iv/) , meanwhile, does not have an [official release date following a delay](/articles/diablo-4-overwatch-2-delayed-no-new-release-dates-announced/1100-6497645/) , but is expected to arrive sometime in 2023.

Looking further out, Activision Blizzard has said all of its numerous franchise will get mobile games .It’s not hard to understand why, as mobile games are more popular and lucrative than console and PC.

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