New Samsung Display technology can read fingerprints from anywhere on the screen


imageSamsung phones have always been known for their great screens.In fact, one of the reasons why the S23 Ultra made it to the list of best Android phones was because its screen was at the top of its class.As other companies come close to the visual quality of Samsung’s displays, the South Korean company is looking to widen the gap again.This time, it’s working on a new OLED panel that can read fingerprints from anywhere on the screen.

A week before the SID (Society for Information Display) show, Samsung put out a slate of projects that included a new sensor OLED display that will turn the entire screen into a fingerprint reader (via SamMobile).Many smartphones feature these types of under-screen scanners already, but they are generally locked into a specific position because the part required to do so is detached from the panel.Samsung’s new technology will integrate the module into the board itself, making the entire screen able to read your fingerprint.

Samsung usually uses an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in its devices, but in the brief announcement it is not clear if this new technology will use the same type of reader.

The company will likely reveal more within the week, but for now, we can’t confirm that it will be as fast as the Galaxy S series.

This new OLED panel won’t just be a bulky fingerprint reader.It will also be able to read people’s heart rates, blood pressure, and stress levels.OLED light undergoes distinct reflection patterns based on the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels within the fingers that you use to press on the screen.The same module that the board uses for fingerprints will be able to convert this data into information relevant to the user’s health.

While Samsung will likely reveal more about this new technology during the week, we likely won’t see it built into devices until next year at the earliest.However, Samsung has always found new ways to improve the displays in its products, and it will be interesting to see what kind of upgrades we get for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5..

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