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imageAfter months of leaks and rumours, Tesla finally announced the updated Model 3 Highland refresh for European and Asian markets.While the new vehicle brought with it a number of improvements to the design, tech, and equipment, a Performance trim was conspicuously left out of the new line-up.Leaked regulatory documents from Europe, shared on the TFF Forum , may indicate that the new Model 3 Performance may come with Plaid motors.The European Type Certificate from the Dutch RDW relate to a new Model 3 Performance slated for introduction into the European market.The VIN number of the vehicle for registration contains the letter T as the eighth digit — the digit that typically communicates the type of motor in a vehicle.

Previously, Tesla had used the letter T for both the Tesla Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid.This has led to speculation that the new Model 3 Highland will either use motors straight out of a Plaid version or borrow some Plaid technology in the updated motors.

It’s unclear whether the Highland Model 3 Performance will have a tri-motor setup, like the Model S and X Plaid do, although this seems unlikely, given those vehicles produce over 1,000 HP.What seems more likely is that the Model 3 Performance will see some sort of adaptation of Plaid motors in a dual-motor configuration or some sort of Plaid motor technology implemented on the less powerful platform.Tesla cars bearing the Plaid nameplate generally offer spectacular performance to rival most supercars on the market, so any of that technology trickling down would likely elevate the Model 3 Performance to a new level.As it is, the Tesla Model 3 Performance puts out 450 HP.Moving to a dual-motor setup using Plaid motors might see that number increase to somewhere in the region of 600-700 HP, although even this seems unlikely, since the standard Model3 didn’t see much change on the drivetrain side of things in the Highland refresh.

What might be more intriguing, given that the Model 3 Performance is already plenty fast, taking just 3.1 seconds to reach 60 mph (96.6 kph), is that the carbon sleeving typically used in Plaid motors would flatten out the Tesla Model 3 Performance’s HP as it gets up to speed.Currently, the Model 3 Performance sees a rather significant drop in horsepower as the motor RPM rises — in the region of 100 HP in some tests .There still isn’t much to go on regarding a launch window for a new Model 3 Performance based on the refreshed Highland platform, but the standard refresh was quite positively received, and even more performance would likely be a cherry on the top for many Tesla fans and prospective buyers.

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