A TikTok love affair


imageFrom goals, advice and even the perfect prank, meet the couples who TikTok together.Razaan Meyer-Khan ( @majestic_mey ) and her husband Imaad Khan ( @kingkhanget ) have built a following by sharing their lives online.While hopping onto trends and creating organic content, they’ve together amassed more than 600 000 online followers.The couple will have been married for five years next month; they first got to know each other while being in the same circle of friends.“Imaad tried to date me for two years, and we eventually started dating when I was 15 and he was 16.

We got married two years later,” Razaan said.Imaad added: “That was two years of never giving up.I told myself I am going to get it right and I did!” Imaad jokingly recalls having to message every person in Razaan’s family because she never replied to texts on BBM.“She was changing her status and I could see her listening to music, but she would never reply,” he said.The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day and were married a month later.

A year after that their family became three with the birth of their daughter, Qurrah.Having been together nearly seven years, the couple reflect on what they love the most about each other.“I love that she’s always herself and that she does what makes her happy.That’s all I ever want for her – to be happy,” Imaad said.

“Imaad is extremely dependable and he’s present in every way I need,” Razaan added.

The couple are both content creators, and say it is a career that came about organically.

“It was never planned.I loved taking pictures growing up and sharing my life online.All of this just happened,” Razaan said.Imaad added: “The goal was never to become a content creator.

We just like dressing up and posting it, then later realise we can monetise it.” The duo are entrepreneurs too.Razaan sells cosmetics under the brand Majestic Beauty.Her husband has his own glass and aluminium business, Glass Limitless.The couple have always openly shared their lives online and not kept anything from their followers.

“We are very open online and have always been vocal about what we go through – the highs and the lows,” Imaad said.Razaan added: “We are in love, and happy and I don’t see why I should hide it.” Robyn-Lee Job (@ robynleo ) started her TikTok account two years ago and grew her following to 115 000 followers by pranking her husband, Jason Job (j ason_cpt ).Their videos together have gained 1.4 million likes on the app.Robyn-Lee has done an amazing job at remaining in character in her videos, while her husband became increasingly perturbed at her.The couple first met after Jason sent her a message on Facebook.Robyn-Lee and Jason have been married since 2018, and have two kids who they have kept off social media for security and privacy reasons.Jason said his favourite thing about their marriage is the understanding the two share.“Our energy is entwined and that makes it easier for us to find the humour in everything around us,” he said.

Robyn-Lee added: “We still see the fun in everything, despite what’s happening in the world.” Robyn-Lee said her favourite thing about creating content together is getting to share her humour with the world.“I love that people are laughing with me and not at me,” she said.While Jason has been the star of the show in every prank, he begs to differ.“I am the one being laughed at,” he says, while laughing.

He added: “I wasn’t too keen about it initially because of how private I am, but I love that we can make other people laugh and that there are this many positive responses.” While all the pranks on-screen are co-ordinated by Robyn-Lee, Jason has attempted off-screen pranks.“It’s not as natural as she makes it seem though.I will do things like hiding under the bed when she’s in the shower.” “It never works,” Robyn-Lee added, while laughing.Robyn said that as much as they share their life online, they do still keep a lot to themselves and that they are very private people.“We have our moments where we go through ups and downs.We are human and go through struggles, but don’t share it online because we don’t want people to pity us,” she said.

The Job couple said that in future their followers can expect to be surprised by their content.Weekend Argus.

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