Why Apoorva Ganapathy Is the Perfect Architect for Your Next Content Management, Artificial Intelligence Project in Any Domain


imageWhy Apoorva Ganapathy Is the Perfect Architect for Your Next Content Management, Artificial Intelligence Project in Any Domain

Apoorva Ganapathy is a technology professional who has spent almost a decade and a half revolutionizing the Information Technology industry.He focused mainly on the content management system spectrum.He has worked with prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, Hyatt Hotels, MasterCard, AT&T, Royal Mail, Tech Target, and Silicon Labs.

Apoorva has played various roles such as software developer, technical author, technical architect, and Oral presenter.He has firmly established himself as one of the leading experts by spearheading and driving every aspect of software development, be it system architecture, analysis, design, implementation, documentation, testing, or deployment.

Apoorva’s articles are published in multiple international journals and he currently ranks number 2 in the world.He is also number 1 in the USA.

This is based on the search results seen on the Google scholar website with respect to citation count.The keyword to search for on the site is “content management system” https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=search_authors&hl=en&mauthors=label:content_management_system.


Apoorva has received an Australian patent, “A System for Farmers Enablement based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.” In addition, he has also published various books which touch upon crucial areas of “Virtual reality and augmented reality with server monitoring maintenance code analysis” and “Virtual reality and augmented reality with the content management system.” His books have received critical acclaim and have been lauded for their beginner-friendly language.

Apoorva is a member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).He is on the board of several international journals and he has invitations to judge the work of other top professionals in the field.

Apoorva has given webinars on various accelerators, frameworks, processes, and guidance around Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CMS and e-commerce topics.This has helped startups in the USA hit huge milestones every year to accomplish multi-million dollars in revenue for the financial year.His contributions to Indian startups in the EdTech industry based on AI and EdTech-related webinars and publications are exemplary.

This has positively impacted the overall development of these EdTech platforms to build massive revenue-generating systems.

Also, other webinars on Crypto, CMS, AI, Robotics, Automation, Blockchain, Cryptography, Cyber Security, and Edge Computing have been equally popular with the audiences.

He has proved his mettle in all these fields and established himself as an expert in the industry.It has proved fruitful to entrepreneurs and various companies in implementing multiple accelerators and frameworks.Thus, helping to solidify their standing at the forefront of their industries in today’s highly-competitive marketplace.

Apoorva Ganapathy’s webinars

The objective of these webinars was that the audience could drive implementations of these topics more effectively and creatively.The audience reactions to these webinars have been extremely positive.

His talks have focused on providing his audiences with the tools and techniques they need.In order to drive their implementations more efficiently by streamlining the process and generating higher revenues.

Apoorva has been recognized as an expert in Content Management Systems like OpenText CMS (Vignette), WordPress, AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) & e-commerce systems like ATG (currently known as Oracle E-Commerce) since 2012.

Throughout his distinguished career, he has been spearheading and driving the implementations and design of industry-leading frameworks for clients.Which has been instrumental in helping them increase the conversion ratio to produce huge revenues.

All these while also allowing them to minimize operational expenses.

He has worked on a broad range of implementations in content management systems & e-commerce areas which revolved around Access Controls, Workflow mechanisms, Automatic Content Generation, Login Handlers, Single Sign-On, Commerce Pricing systems, Session Management, Headless CMS, Integration handlers, and Multi-Site Management and Platform detections.

Mr.Apoorva is particularly renowned for integrating Artificial Intelligence into Content Management System and digital platforms so that cross-channel content can be in creation once and then quickly spun off into unlimited variations.Thereby making it extremely easy to personalize content at any scale and across any channel.

His ability to utilize AI-powered real-time targeting to ensure each customer experience is the best is truly exemplary.That ability makes him stand apart from and above others in the field.


His extensive knowledge along with his drive, perseverance, industriousness, cheerful attitude, and integrity are unrivaled.As such, he has been appointed to critical positions at several prestigious tech giants through Artyllect and Publicis Sapient, and he has been entrusted to lead mission-critical projects for prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, Hyatt Hotels, MasterCard, AT&T, and Silicon Labs.

He has donned many roles in several top companies throughout his illustrious career as an Engineer, Lead, and Architect, managing various projects & leading a team of techies from the front.

Apoorva excelled as a team member and leader.His strong interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and clear communication have inspired and motivated teams.

These teams are a group of 75+ consultants all across global destinations.He has also been at the forefront in communicating with clients on handling complex requirements.He is also sharing solutions to solve problems in multiple ways.

Apoorva constantly keeps himself updated on the latest technologies.Furthermore, he is also well qualified to continue driving and advancing industry norms.The various certifications he has obtained over the years in his professional journey have demonstrated it.

He is a certified AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework).In addition, he is also a certified PMP (Project Management Professional), and Oracle Java Development professional.

Some of His Published Articles

Apoorva’s published articles in various international journals titles include “AI Fitness Checks, Maintenance, and Monitoring on Systems Managing Content & Data: A Study on CMS World”, “Friendly URLs in the CMS and Power of Global Ranking with Crawlers with Added Security”, “Cascading Cache Layer in Content Management System”, “UI/UX Automated Designs in the World of Content Management Systems”, “Mobile Remote Content Feed Editing in Content Management System”, “Image Association to URLs across CMS Websites with Unique Watermark Signatures to Identify Who Owns the Camera”, “Intelligent Indexing and Sorting Management System Automated Search Indexing and Sorting of Various Topics”.

Furthermore, some of his published articles in international journals also include “Creation of Automated Content with Embedded Artificial Intelligence: A Study on Learning Management System for Educational Entrepreneurship”, and “Machine Moderators in Content Management System Details: Essentials for IoT Entrepreneurs.

Also on the list are; “HTML Content and Cascading Tree Sheets: Overview of Improving Web Content Visualization”, “Easy URLs in the Content Management System with Crawlers for Added Security”, and “Robotic Process Automation: End from Entrepreneurial Content Editing to Go Live”.These articles have been part of several discussions amongst the other experts & scholars in the field.Numerous individuals and companies have cited his work.

Other Recognitions

Apoorva is also an international FIDE-rated chess player with a rating of 2040.He also likes spending quality time with family and especially enjoys traveling with his son Aryan across the world for Taekwondo and Chess championships, in which Aryan has his own State & District Championship in the under-8 Taekwondo category and ranks World No 2 in the 2022 Taekwondo championships.

Apoorva spends quality time with his Wife Megha and daughter Adhira.

Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, New York Weekly, and Times of India featured Apoorva.

He also appeared on India Today, The Hindu, and LA Progressive due to his expertise..

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