How to add the Google Drive app to your desktop to sync all of your files


You can add Google Drive to your desktop on a PC or Mac in addition to using it on a web browser.Adding Google Drive to your desktop will enable you to sync files from your computer to Google Drive.You can pause and resume Google Drive file syncing in Settings.Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories .Google Drive is popular for its free programs, ease of access, and compatibility with Gmail and other Google products.

You can download Google Drive to your desktop as well, enabling your computer to sync your files with Google Drive automatically.

Here’s how to add Google Drive to your desktop using a PC or Mac.

What is Google Drive for desktop? Google Drive for desktop is a desktop application that allows for quick and easy access to the contents of your Google Drive account.

This is particularly beneficial when working collaboratively with others as any changes are automatically shared with everyone.

How to download Google Drive for desktop 1.Go to the Google Drive downloads page and click Download Drive for desktop .

Click Download Drive for desktop.Kyle Wilson/Insider 2.A program called “GoogleDriveSetup.exe” (GoogleDrive.dmg on a Mac) will begin downloading in your internet browser.

Click on GoogleDriveSetup.exe.

Kyle Wilson/Insider 3.Once the program is done downloading, click on it to begin installing and follow the onscreen instructions.

Google Drive app installer.Kyle Wilson/Insider 4.Once the installation is complete, click Close to exit the pop-up window.

When the app has finished installing, click Close.

Kyle Wilson/Insider 5.Google Drive should now appear on your desktop.Look for a window called Sign in to Google Drive and click on Sign in with browser .

The screen displayed when you’ve successfully signed in.Kyle Wilson/Insider 6.

Type in your Gmail address, click Next , then type in your Gmail password, and then click Next .In the new page that appears confirming you downloaded the application from Google, click Sign In .

You can add folders for Google Drive to sync in your preferences.This is accomplished on Windows by right clicking the Google Drive icon in your system tray, clicking on the gear icon, selecting Preferences , and clicking Add folder .

Quick tip: On Mac, you can all folders nearly identically to Windows.The difference is that instead of being in the system tray, the Google Drive icon is on the Menu Bar immediate top of your screen.

After Google Drive is downloaded to your desktop, you will also see shortcuts to Drive programs such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides if you chose to create them during installation.

How to pause or check sync status To pause syncing:

Click Drive for desktop .

Click the Settings gear icon and then Pause Syncing .Quick tip: If you want to resume syncing again, in Settings click Resume Syncing .

There are two ways that you can verify your sync status: on the web and on your computer.

On the web, syncing is complete when you see the message Upload complete .

On your computer, files marked with Sync haven’t been uploaded yet, and ones marked with Done have been successfully uploaded and are now accessible on any device logged into your Drive account.

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