21 Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2024


imageLooking for some excellent WordPress website examples to get inspiration?

WordPress is a popular content management system used by over 810 million websites, including blogs and online stores.Building a site from scratch can be difficult due to the unlimited possibilities.That’s why we’ve compiled the best website examples out there.

In this guide, we showcase 21+ excellent WordPress website examples you must check out so you can see what a successful site looks like.

Note: Want to build your own WordPress website without any code? See our step-by-step guide on

how to start a WordPress website or online store for more details.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is a

content management system that allows you to use plugins and templates to build a blog, business website, online store, professional portfolio, or any other type of site you’d like.

There are countless

reasons to use WordPress.

While there are many website builders out there, WordPress.org is by far the most popular, powering 43.2% of the entire internet! One of the best things about WordPress is its flexibility.By installing the right plugins, even beginners can build the site of their dreams.

For example, a plugin like

SeedProd gives you over a thousand ready-made templates.All you need to do is use their drag-and-drop editor to design your website.

Or if you’d like to build an online store, the

WooCommerce plugin lets you build product pages and checkout pages and set up payment gateways.

Another big advantage of using WordPress is that it tends to be more trusted by Google.WordPress websites usually rank higher since they have the proper markup that complies with Google’s algorithms.

And beyond that, you can use SEO plugins like

All in One SEO to help you optimize your site for higher search rankings.

If you’ve come across a website that you want to emulate, you can use a tool like

Is It WP or Built With.

These tools will help you spot whether a website is using WordPress and provide a glimpse into some of the plugins they’re using.

With all that said, let’s get into the actual WordPress site designs you’ve been waiting for! We’ve broken down the WordPress site examples by category so you can check out websites that relate to the type of website you’re looking to build:

[Business and Enterprise WordPress Sites](#aioseo-business-and-enterprise-wordpress-sites) [Software WordPress Sites](#aioseo-software-wordpress-sites) [Blog WordPress Sites](#aioseo-blog-wordpress-sites) [News and Magazine WordPress Sites](#aioseo-news-and-magazine-wordpress-sites) [Music and Entertainment](#aioseo-music-and-entertainment) [E-Commerce WordPress Sites](#aioseo-e-commerce-wordpress-sites) [Agency WordPress Sites](#aioseo-agency-wordpress-sites) [Personal Brand and Portfolio WordPress Sites](#aioseo-personal-wordpress-sites) [Podcast WordPress Sites](#aioseo-podcast-wordpress-sites) [Restaurant WordPress Sites](#aioseo-bonus-restaurant-wordpress-sites) [What’s Makes a Good Website Design?](#aioseo-educational-wordpress-sites) [Building Your Own Amazing Website With WordPress](#aioseo-building-your-own-amazing-website-with-wordpress)

Business and Enterprise WordPress Sites

Awesome Motive is the management company of WPBeginner.The newly designed website is simple and elegant, featuring a subtle animation in the header with the company’s mission as the welcome message.Below that, it shows vital stats, our products, job opportunities, and more.

As a business, it’s important to establish trust and credibility.The Awesome Motive website highlights various important facts about the company, such as the number of sites using our software and the philanthropic impact we’ve had, which adds to the credibility.On top of that, the site reveals the big publications they’ve been featured on.

Houston Zoo has a simplistic design featuring a custom logo and a navigation menu on top.As you scroll down, you’ll find the logistical details of the zoo, such as how to purchase tickets, how to buy memberships, and business hours.

The homepage content area showcases tiles in a masonry grid with a

click to load more button at the bottom.

Grette is a Norway-based business law firm.Their website features a minimalist design, a collapsed navigation menu, staff profiles, and expertise pages.

A minimalist design works really well in a professional setting since flashy designs would look unprofessional and could hurt credibility.At the bottom of the page, they include contact details along with

social sharing buttons, directing users to follow them on social media.

Software WordPress Sites

SeedProd is the best drag-and-drop landing page plugin for WordPress.When you head over to their website, you get a simple layout that easily tells users its features.

The homepage starts with a featured section detailing all of its capabilities and a large call to action button.

Across the page, you’ll find images that clearly show what the feature does so users can visually see how it works.At the bottom, you’ll find the

testimonials section, which helps to boost credibility and build trust.WPForms is the best WordPress form builder plugin on the market, with over 6 million professionals who use it.

Being that it’s a partner company to SeedProd, it has a very similar layout.

That said, there is a video under the main fold of the homepage, which is helpful for any software page to demonstrate how the tool works.You’ll also find

featured posts on the page, where users can learn about other ways to use the product.

Blog WordPress Sites

WPBeginner is the largest WordPress resource site aimed at helping beginners understand and perform just about any task on WordPress.Our blog focuses on tutorials and plugin suggestions to help WordPress users create beautiful, functional, and high-converting sites.

The design of the blog maintains simplicity and consistency throughout, with even spacing along with white and orange color schemes.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice an opt-in form that directly leads to free training that gives an overview of all the important aspects of WordPress.If you

One cool aspect of the blog is that it offers a Glossary section, so you can easily learn about terms that you might not understand.Since WordPress can be complicated at times, the Glossary serves as a dictionary that helps readers understand any confusing terms.

Blog Tyrant is one of the best places to learn how to start a blog, get more traffic, and monetize your website.Right off the bat, you’ll notice a large hero image that instantly grabs the reader’s attention.

It sets the tone that the blog is simple and fun to read.Besides that, you’ll notice social proof icons to build trust and establish authority.

This blog does a great job of using WordPress plugins to boost engagement.For example, they use

OptinMonster, a tool for creating pop-ups.Blog Tyrant specifically offers strategic pop-ups, like discounts on web hosting or a lead magnet for a free e-book on starting a blog.

You might also want to check out our list of the

most successful bloggers to follow for inspiration.

News and Magazine WordPress Sites

The New York Times was one of the first magazine sites to leverage the power of user-generated content backed by WordPress.They even developed a collaboration plugin for editors and journalists to work on the same article.That way, everyone can see the changes made to a post and who made them.

What makes The New York Times web design unique is that it uses a “NewsPrint” style theme to replicate old newspapers.But beyond that, they provide big, bold headlines to draw users’ attention to important stories while also providing plenty of navigation options.

The Next Web is a leading online magazine covering topics like technology, science, the internet, and more.Its home page features a magazine layout with featured stories on top, followed by the latest articles, recent posts by category, and custom sections like deals.

It uses technologies like

lazy loading, CDN, and aggressive caching to improve website speed and performance.

Music and Entertainment

Sony Music clearly prioritizes branding and functionality on its website.

The design features a responsive image slider that showcases musical artists under the Sony Music Label.

Also, they use a black, red, and white color scheme to match the company’s logo.Underneath that, they feature a news-like blog with all the recent events surrounding their company and an

FAQ section for visitors inquiring about press contacts or royalties.Angry Birds is a popular mobile game, and their homepage features an image slider that directs visitors to all the different apps they offer.It uses fun visual graphics as the main backdrop of every page.

This works really well in maintaining the same spirit and consistency as the game itself.

At the top of that, you’ll find a main menu with options to download the app, buy merchandise, or watch other players play the game.

E-Commerce WordPress Sites

12.R.E.D.D Superfood Energy Bars R.E.D.D sells plant-based protein energy bars that come in all kinds of delicious flavors.After reviewing their site, it’s easily one of the best WooCommerce stores you’ll find.

When you land on their website, you’ll notice they put a spotlight on their colorfully packaged energy bars.Overall, the website layout is clean and easily navigable, where you can shop online or find locations where their products are sold.

At the top, they included a header bar, which informs shoppers about their free shipping offer when they spend over $40.

As you scroll down on the page, you’ll notice an Instagram feed showcasing all of their latest posts.Adding a

social media feed is a great way to build a following on other platforms so they are up to date with everything about your brand.

Nalgene uses the WooCommerce platform to sell high-quality water bottles for outdoor enthusiasts.Above the fold, you’ll notice floral designs with messaging that speaks to their target audience.There’s a search bar at the top, so visitors can easily find the products they’re looking for.

Below the fold, they include a list of all their featured water bottles, including their limited-edition options.This is a great way to

display their most popular products and bring attention to them.

When you scroll down to the end, they have a pop-up that encourages people to join their newsletter in exchange for a 10% discount code, which is a good strategy for

growing your email list.

Agency WordPress Sites

Nove is an advisory agency that helps businesses interact with European institutions.Their website features a unique design with a fullscreen video background, transparent menus, and custom page templates for different sections.Unconquered is a New York City-based creative agency that specializes in brand development.Their homepage features a unique video slider and a floating logo that moves across the screen on mouseover.

Personal Brand and Portfolio WordPress Sites

Sean O’Brien is a 10-time Australian windsurfing champion and states it above the fold, providing instant credibility to his audience.

His personal brand website is designed to attract sponsorships and business opportunities by highlighting his accolades and other partners he’s worked with.

On his media page, you’ll see

image galleries of Sean representing brands using their fitness equipment or wearing their apparel.He even includes a grid-like section to highlight a portfolio of media coverage projects.When businesses look through his past partnerships, they can instantly know whether he is a good fit.Melyssa Griffin is a former teacher turned entrepreneur who now helps people grow their businesses through online courses and a coaching program.

When you scroll down her page, she offers a ton of elements to build trust, such as case studies and success stories.Beyond that, she offers a lot of free resources, including a blog and online workshop.

Rather than sending a simple email pop-up, she uses a quiz for

lead generation.

This allows Melyssa to send a personalized offer based on the answers you provide.

Podcast WordPress Sites

99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts about design.Their website features a beautiful design built for podcasting with easy navigation and quick access to their latest episodes.

It has a beautiful podcast player integrated into the site’s design.The Beerists podcast is a dedicated show for beer enthusiasts.They spend their time sampling and reviewing the taste of beer to give their followers the inside scoop.

When you land on their home page, you can listen to their latest episodes.They’ve also added short descriptions for each episode.

In the sidebar, you’ll find archives and

recent posts, allowing you to easily find previous episodes or content they’ve produced.

Restaurant WordPress Sites

Pho Cafe is a Vietnamese restaurant with many locations in the U.K.Every service business should make it as easy as possible to book their services, which is exactly what they do.

Rather than one CTA in the center of the page, they include menu items so visitors can see the menu,

make restaurant reservations, order food deliveries, or view the nutrition label.They provide all the important information on the home page, so users won’t struggle to find the information they’re looking for.

As you scroll, you will see beautiful photography images of the food along with custom cartoon artwork, which is a nice touch to the website.

Momofuku has a unique WordPress website design that differs from that of most businesses.Instead of the standard hero image, they include a

grid layout with clickable images.

Each image takes you to important pages like group reservations, menu items, and even a hiring page.

They feature a sidebar menu to navigate to other pages as well.

At the bottom of the menu, you’ll find

social sharing buttons so you can connect with them on other platforms.

What’s cool about Momofuku is that they have a separate e-commerce store that sells their best ingredients, including noodles, chili sauce, and more.

What’s Makes a Good Website Design?

Great website design should always strike a balance between usability and visual aesthetics.

Well-designed sites establish trust and guide visitors to take action, all while making the

customer journey enjoyable.

Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you design your website:

– Mobile-First Design: Google prioritizes responsive web designs when ranking pages.That means your users should be able to easily view and navigate your site on any device.The easiest way to ensure a mobile-first design is to use a

responsive WordPress theme.

– Website Speed: Your page speed affects your search rankings since it influences your page’s bounce rate.While it’s not part of the design, large images, and media files can slow down your page speed.For more information, check out our

ultimate guide to boost WordPress speed and performance.

– Easy Navigation: Your visitors should be able to easily find what they’re looking for, whether that’s your services, products, or contact us page.Without clear navigation, you’ll get a lot of visitors leaving due to confusion.

– Engaging Visuals: Your visuals should tell a story and match your brand identity.

A company like Apple prides itself on sleek and minimalistic design to showcase elegance.Meanwhile, Lego appeals to kids, so they have more playful visuals.

– Readable Fonts: Your typography needs to be readable so that users don’t have to squint to see your text.Times New Roman, Courier New, and Arial are all examples of web-friendly fonts.

– Optimize Call to Action (CTA): While designs, fonts, and layouts should be consistent, your

call to action buttonisn’t.Your CTA should stand out against other visual elements, which help lure users into taking the desired action.

Building Your Own Amazing Website With WordPress

All the websites featured in the list use unique custom designs using various technologies.However, one thing common among them is WordPress.

There are two types of WordPress websites.WordPress.com which is a hosted solution, and WordPress.org (also known as self-hosted WordPress).See our guide on the difference between

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

We recommend using WordPress.org because it gives you access to all WordPress features out of the box.

You’ll need a domain name and a

WordPress hosting account to start your own website with WordPress.org.

We suggest starting off with

Bluehost.They are one of the biggest hosting companies in the world and officially recommended WordPress hosting provider.

After signing up for hosting, follow our guide on

how to make a website for step-by-step instructions.

Your WordPress theme controls the design of your website.

All the websites mentioned above use a custom WordPress theme, which will cost you a lot of money.

If you are just starting out, then you can start with an existing WordPress theme.There are thousands of beautiful WordPress themes that you can install.

See some of our hand-picked lists of the best WordPress themes that you can try:

Best free WordPress themes Best business themes for WordPress Best magazine-style WordPress themes Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

We hope this article helped you find some excellent WordPress website examples to get inspired and motivated.You may also want to see our list of

most notable big name brands that are using WordPress.

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