SSC and pH Prediction and Maturity Classification of Grapes Based on Hyperspectral Imaging


imageSoluble solids content (SSC) and pH of red globe grapes are crucial measures of quality.In this paper, we used hyperspectral imaging technology to achieve nondestructive detection and distribution visualization of SSC and pH of red globe grapes.First, the hyperspectral images of samples were collected.Then, CARS, SPA, GA, IRIV were used to extract feature variables from raw spectral (RAW) information.

The PLSR prediction models of samples were developed.By comparing the different prediction models, RAW-IRIV-PLSR was selected as the optimal model.Finally, the SSC and pH of the samples were calculated to obtain a grayscale image and perform a pseudo-color transformation to visualize the distribution of SSC and pH.By studying the classification of the maturity of samples, it was concluded that the best discriminant classification model of maturity was RAW-IRIV-ELM.

Hyperspectral also provided a new method for maturity stage classification of red globe grapes..

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