PS5 Now Has A Console Exclusive Reviewing Worse Than ‘Godfall’


imageWe talk a lot about how most video games these days are stuck reviewing between 7-10 out of 10, so when you see something outside that range, something serious must have gone wrong.And yet I would not have placed a bet that such a low scoring game would have come from the combination of PlatinumGames and Square Enix.

Meet Babylon’s Fall.

Currently, Babylon’s Fall is the worst reviewing PlayStation console exclusive of the PS5 era, released for PS5, PS4 and PC, landing a 41 on Metacritic , and a somehow even worse 2.4 user score.From what I can tell it’s the worst scored game actually released for PS5 overall.It’s miles below another high profile PS console exclusive miss, Godfall, which launched alongside the PS5 with a 61 Metascore, and these days has a 4.2 user score.I’m pretty sure I gave it a 5/10 at release.

But Babylon’s Fall is in a class all its own, and these are simply not the kind of scores you expect to see from a developer like Platinum or a publisher like Square Enix.The game is being used as further evidence that Square Enix attempting to chase the live service model, as they’ve done recently with Outriders, Avengers and other games, is a fast road to nowhere.

Babylon’s Fall is a hack-n-slash game that can be played co-op, but it just lands totally flat.

Here’s an excerpt from a 2/10 VGC review:

MORE FROM FORBES ADVISOR Best Travel Insurance Companies By Amy Danise Editor Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans By Amy Danise Editor “There is no one that we would recommend Babylon’s Fall to.It’s visually dated, consistently dull and features the most average PlatinumGames combat we can remember.On paper, the concept of a game like this bathed in the studio’s signature style is an appealing one, but sadly there’s nothing about the Platinum shine that’s evident in Babylon’s Fall.”

And it doesn’t even compare remotely favorably to Marvel’s Avengers, which Square Enix itself has constantly bashed as missing its expectations:

“If Square Enix thought that Marvel’s Avengers was a disappointment, then this game should be seen as ground zero for a complete rethink of its strategy going forward.Compared to Babylon’s Fall, Marvel’s Avengers is a beacon for mission variety, enjoyable combat and distinct visuals.

In comparison, this is a soulless, cynical game that you should avoid.”

What’s worse is that this is a $60 game, not something free-to-play you can try out before you know how bad it is.It sounds like there’s probably a story behind what exactly happened here, as even if Square Enix has produced a few misses, to see a final product this bad from them and Platinum feels decidedly strange, and I am curious how this project got so lost in the woods.

I would not expect to hear really anything about this game again as everyone involved buries it and tries to move on.Although it’s supposed to be a live service and support future content updates, so we’ll see if that actually manifests, and if we ever get a look at what sales are going to be.Something tells me it will not “meet expectations.”

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