PS4 Is Getting Some Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games Soon


imageThe PS4 is getting a few [Nintendo Switch](/category/nintendo-switch/) console exclusive games in the near future.Of course, none of these games are Nintendo-published games, as Nintendo-published Nintendo Switch games stay exclusive to Nintendo Switch.That doesn’t mean the games aren’t notable though.The first is The House of the Dead: Remake, which was just released exclusively on Nintendo Switch this week but has now appeared in the PSN backend (via Gematsu ).This not only leaks a PS4 port, but indicates it’s coming to the console soon.Game number two has leaked the same exact way.

Shadowrun Trilogy was announced for Nintendo Switch last year and is scheduled to come to the Switch sometime this year.This week, the game was uploaded to the back end of PSN (via [Reddit] ), once again not only leaking the existence of a PS4 version but indicating this version of the game is releasing soon.The third and final Switch game coming to PS4 has been officially confirmed, and that’s Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, which was just announced for PS4.The game — which first launched on Switch, and has since come to PC — is set to come to PS4 this summer.Below, you can read more about all three games and check out trailers for all three games: Shadowrun Trilogy: “The Shadowrun Trilogy comprises three cult tactical RPG games taking place in a dystopian cyberpunk future in which magic has re-awakened, bringing back to life creatures of high fantasy.Initially created as a tabletop RPG over 30 years ago, this one-of-a-kind setting that has gained a huge cult following during the past three decades.” The House of the Dead: Remake: “The House of the Dead: Remake is a remade version of the game introduced in 1997 on the arcade platform.

A classic arcade rail-shooter receives a whole new entourage and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards.” Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town: “Welcome to Olive Town, a peaceful community established by your trailblazing grandfather and his friends.Now that you’ve taken over his farm, it’s your job to carry on his legacy.Plant crops, raise animals, build relationships, and get to know the residents of your new home!” [0comments] For more gaming coverage — including the latest on both the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 — click here or peep some of the links below: – [PlayStation Plus Subscribers Threaten to End Subscription Over Divisive Free Games] – [Horizon 3 Teased by PlayStation Leaker] – [PlayStation Report Has Good News About PS3 Backward Compatibility on PS5] – [The Next Super Smash Bros.Game May Not Be Very Far Away] – [New Nintendo Switch Game Rated the Best Switch Game This Year].

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