On February 2, local police were dispatched in response to a


imageOn February 2, local police were dispatched in response to an attempted bank robbery in DeLand, Florida.According to witnesses on the scene, the man entered the bank wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog mask and wielding a large hammer.Advertisement As reported by the West Volusian Beacon , on February 2, a person (believed to be a man based on their voice) entered the Florida Credit Union in DeLand, Florida wearing a Sonic mask, wielding a hammer, and demanding money from the bank teller.According to folks inside the bank at the time, the man used his hammer to bang on the window separating the suspect from the teller.He continued to demand cash from the employee while banging numerous times on the window.

Another bank employee at the Florida Credit Union confronted the Sonic bandit and the suspect stopped slamming the window with his hammer and then escaped on foot before police arrived on the scene.

The credit union’s assistant vice president of branch operations, Brian Leatherman, told the West Volusian Beacon that nobody was hurt during the short robbery attempt and no money was stolen, either.

“Everybody is safe, nothing was taken, and local police are on it,” Leatherman explained.

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Buy for $11 at Amazon After attempting to rob the place and escaping on foot authorities searched the area for any sign of the suspect, but he was apparently too fast and they found nothing and no arrest has been made yet.

DeLand police are continuing to investigate the incident and are asking for folks in the area to report anything they know about the suspect .

Kotaku has reached out to Sonic the Hedgehog’s representative and agent for a comment on the situation and to confirm where the speedy little guy was on February 2nd, 2022.

Sonic hasn’t responded, probably because he’s a fictional video game character and not an actual living being.




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