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imageClementina Torres, Chief Operational Officer of Depósito Central de Valores, has been involved in the central securities depository space for over a decade.Clementina shares more about how technology has positively influenced her work at DCV.

Please tell us about yourself and your role at Depósito Central de Valores (DCV).

I have been the COO of Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) since November 2022, but I have worked at the company for the past 14 years.

As COO, I lead operation strategies, and my team measures our goals and organizational objectives.We push out efficiency and showcase our process transformation.Our work supports the operational back office for all Chilean Capital Market services.

How did you become involved in the central securities depository space?

I was working in the Advisory Sector at EY in Santiago when DCV recruited me as an Operational Risk Analyst in 2009.I started working with an excellent team; we built the foundation of operational risk and process management at DCV.Shortly after, I moved into a new position where I became responsible for creating and redefining the mainframe of our transformation, along with other critical areas of DCV.

This transformation was successful as we changed our CORE System, DCV Evolución.We were also able to modernize DCV’s business processes while learning from world-class partners, like Nasdaq, so that we could align with their strong business positions and practices.

It was a very challenging but rewarding experience.

This helped me develop stronger agility, collaboration and teamwork skills.Throughout our entire journey, Nasdaq supported our success as our technological partner, leading us to introduce meaningful changes in our culture and how we do our day-to-day work.

How has technology influenced your role at Depósito Central de Valores (DCV)?

As we were already on the path to transformation, it was essential that DCV adapt to the change in technology.Our capabilities allowed us to focus on our main objectives, and ultimately, technology allowed us to achieve our goals.DCV is constantly researching and investigating ways to improve our current business, as there are always better ways to execute and deliver our services.

Additionally, DCV takes a client-centric approach that guarantees our services at their very best – with the help of technology, it is always a clean, fast, and easy experience.

Throughout your career, what challenges have you been presented with that you’ve had to overcome?

It is challenging to work in a field where technology and information are at the center, as it determines the success of our services.As a new generation, we have all been forced to think outside the box.

The integration of markets is a challenge, but we have all pushed to ensure our businesses are working fast so we can reduce time to market and aggregate real value to our clients.

I have learned that one of my greatest strengths is finding new ways to solve problems quickly.However, sometimes I struggle with daily routines and tend to take on too much.But, with the help of my amazing team, I have always felt extremely supported and pushed to see the bigger picture.

What advice would you give to people interested in working in the central securities depository industry or who desire to have a role in the technology sector?

First, listen to your intuition, find your passion and go with it! Don´t be afraid to make mistakes.Take the risk, and if you are wrong, try it again.Never say no because you are uncertain.Instead, take action and make it count at the end of the day.Lastly, collaborate and build strong relationships with your team, colleagues and, of course, friends and family.

Open your mind and always enjoy the ride..

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