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imageIf you are concerned about the risks of 5G isn’t the only one.It’s been linked to various diseases and cancers, and even has been the object of Vandalism.It is also linked to radio frequency waves, which can be dangerous to our immune system.If you want to learn more about this, keep reading.

Radiation caused cancer

It’s not known if cancer caused by radiation is related to 5G.There is evidence that 5G can weaken our immune system, making us more susceptible to COVID-19.

Further, studies have shown that 5G does not affect the transmission of new coronaviruses.

However, more research is necessary to verify these findings.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is evaluating the health risks that come the 5G tech.The WHO is looking at public health data as well as scientific evidence to identify the potential health risks related to this technology.It’s not entirely clear whether the risks are serious enough to justify an end to 5G deployment.

The immune system is weakening

One of the newest conspiracy theories that are circulating on the web is that 5G wireless technology can weaken the human immune system.In this view, five-G’s wireless technologies are responsible for the spread for the virus Covid-19 which is a fatal coronavirus.This virus spreads from person-to-person and was first discovered in Wuhan, China, about 18 months ago.Covid-19 is prevalent in numerous different countries, and it has been associated with a number of deaths.

5G wireless technology makes use of high-frequency radio waves to connect smartphones and other devices.

There is an absence of research about whether or not these waves can cause cancer.Some scientists believe that 5G will weaken the immune system and can result in an increase in the chance of developing COVID-19.


A recent resolution from The Portland City Council demands that the Federal Communications Commission do more research on the health effects of 5G wireless networks.Although this research is essential but it’s likely to be completed within the same timeframe as 5G technology is deployed.In the meantime, the technology will have moved onto the next technology, which is likely to be 7G or 6G.

The resolution reflects the desire to have local control over this issue However, the resolution acknowledges that local governments aren’t legally able to rescind federal orders.

Many experts believe that the radiation produced from 5G’s wireless technologies is not enough to cause cancer.But, recent research conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has questioned this notion.This study has been able eliminate the causal connection between radiofrequency waves and cancer in both human and animal research.In the study, researchers looked at 125 studies conducted on human subjects and 75 animal models between 2008 and the year 2019.

The FDA discovered no link with radiofrequency radiation and the development of cancer.

5g home shield growing quantity of thieves are targeting the 5G network’s infrastructure.Some vandalism has involved sabotaging the mobile networks by torching down masts, and then destroying other infrastructure.In addition, there have seen reports about people concealing needles and razor blades hidden behind anti-5G signs.Additionally, several sabotage incidents have been associated with COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic.

Protests against 5G have been taking place across the globe.Anti-5G activists have designated June 6 as a day of global protest and have warned that 5G radio emissions harm the environment.But the majority of scientists agree with these protesters.


There have been a variety of reports linking 5G mobile networks to arson attacks.The most recent one involved the burning of twenty towers of cell phones within the United Kingdom during the Easter weekend.

The arsonists had a pattern in mind that they lit the cell phone towers on fire with the form of bunny ears.This pattern could be linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, no one has been able to prove this theory.

While these theories have been in circulation for years, the recent excitement about 5G has brought them to the forefront.For instance, a New York Times article noted that Russian propaganda channel RT America had been broadcasting reports about the dangers of 5G.In the meantime, groups such as those of the Oakmore Neighborhood Advocacy Group have been making reference to Pall’s arguments in city council meetings and community forums, and vocally opposing 5G implementation in their area.


A new generation of technology for wireless, 5G is spreading across the country.It promises better connections as well as more speedy Internet, and greater accessibility to data.But, with Proteck’d Emf Clothing , comes the potential for issues.

For instance, 5G might interfere with the instruments in airplanes.

Already, major airlines have altered some routes to avoid being close to the new towers.

In the end, many politicians are concerned about the security in 5G network.The United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been tasked with quelling concerns regarding the latest technology.However, some politicians are urging the agency to ensure the safety of the aviation industry and its customers by making sure that 5G is constructed in a safe manner.Representatives Andy Kim, Thomas Suozzi, as well as Peter Defazio have written to the FCC seeking more details on the infrastructure needed for 5G.

Environmental activists

An increasing number of people are concerned about the possible dangers of the 5G network.Environmental activists, celebrities, even fringe science experts have spoken out about concerns about the dangers.In 2015, 190 scientists from 40 countries signed a letter to the UN asking for the World Health Organization to review the current guidelines on 5G-related networks.

The European Union echoed those concerns in April 2019 , when it announced it would not be working on the network.

Protests against 5G technology have been taking place around the world.In Australia protesters from the “We Say No to 5G” (2020a) campaign has coordinated protests around the nation.Other groups have also joined in the cause.The latest protest took place within Mullumbimby, Australia, in late April.The residents of Mullumbimby were driven to protest because 5G installers installed the new network against the wishes that the council of town.Although they were legally authorized, council was no authority to approve of the project.


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