kacha badam: A little more than peanuts? After online outrage, ‘Kacha Badam’ singer receives long due remuneration, gets Rs 3 lakh from music label – The Economic Times


imageTechnology has been an enabler in bringing cultures closer.It is now not too remote to hear subaltern melodies on iTunes, finding their place in a mostly-urban playlist.In the age of TikTok and Insta Reels, such songs are going viral, for melody, and sometimes more.The latest case in point is a song by peanut seller, Bhuban Badyakar, called ‘Kacha Badam’.Badyakar had initially composed this peppy number as a marketing tool for selling peanuts; he would croon this jingle as he travelled across villages, trying to make a sale.It had a catchy beat, instantly got people’s attention, and the lyrics were anything but bland.

Through the lyrics of the song, the singer urged customers to exchange their fake gold jewellery (City Gold chains, bangles and anklets) for his equally worthy peanuts.However, when the song landed on the Internet, netizens decided that the song was worth a whole lot more than just fake jewellery or peanuts.

Several people made TikTok videos and Insta Reels on this catchy number, and eventually celebrities, and influencers also caught on with this Insta trend that transcended geographical and cultural borders and became an international sensation with Korean mother-daughter duo grooving to the peppy number as well as Tanzanian Instagrammer, Kili Paul dancing on this foot tapping number with his sister.Portuguese dad-daughter duo also won the internet with their version of ‘Kacha Badam’ dance number, and a French group took to the streets to flaunt their dance skills as they performed on Badyakar’s number.

With the song’s instant fame, Godhulibela Music record label took the opportunity to launch a remixed version of this song, which only brought in more listeners, although it didn’t bring anything to Badyakar, who was paid nothing despite being the main composer of the song.According to a India Today report, a music label finally paid up the peanut seller, after an online outrage erupted over Badyakar receiving no payment for the song.

Badyakar is receiving Rs 3 lakh, and Gopal Ghose of Godhulibela Music revealed to India Today that the singer has already been given a downpayment of Rs 1.5 lakh, and will be receiving the remaining money for the song, next week.Needless to say, Badyakar, who always wanted to become a singer but couldn’t pursue his dreams due to financial crisis, was exceedingly happy to receive the payment, and after his new-found fame, the singer-composer has decided to put his peanut-selling business on hold, and focus on music.Apart from the money, Badyakar has also been felicitated by the West Bengal police.A music video of the remixed version, featuring Badyakar has also been launched, and is currently available on YouTube..

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