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imageAmericans already grappling with surging inflation must also now contend with record-high gas prices after they jumped on Tuesday to $4.17 per gallon .That’s expected to cost motorists thousands more to fuel up their vehicles annually.

With oil analysts predicting that prices at the pump could stay elevated for months, here are five ways to save money on gas.

1.There’s an app for that You can download a mobile app — like GasBuddy , Gas Guru or AAA Mobile — that indicates the cheapest gas stations in your area.Buying the cheapest gas in town may save drivers up to 25 cents a gallon, according to GasBuddy.

The apps are available for Android and iOS devices.

2.Buy groceries and gas Dozens of wholesale and grocery store chains — including Safeway, Winn-Dixie and BJ’s — offer discounts on gas when you shop at their stores.

At Safeway , customers get 10 cents per gallon off when they spend $100 on groceries.Kroger has a similar program saving 10 cents a gallon at Shell gas stations.

Some of these perks require a membership to the store.

3.Take better care of your car Keeping up with your car’s maintenance helps with fuel efficiency, reducing the number of trips to the pump.Make sure the tire pressure is correct.Get the oil changed and replace the air filter.

Staying within the speed limit and avoiding aggressive driving also keeps gas in your tank longer.

4.Remember: Cash is king For most vehicles, there isn’t a major difference between filling up with premium or regular unleaded gas, so opt for the cheapest grade.Many service stations also charge less if you pay with cash (or a debit card).If you don’t have cash, fill up at gas stations that give you the same cash price for using your card.


Avoid driving Take public transportation.Ride your bike.Carpool to work with someone who has an electric vehicle.The less you drive your own car, the less you have to fill up the tank.

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