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[Divi](/gallery/divi/) is our flagship theme and visual page builder.It’s the most widely used premium WordPress theme in the world according to stats from is more than just a theme, it’s a website building framework that makes it possible to design beautiful websites without ever touching a single line of code and without installing and configuring dozens of disjointed plugins.We think this is the future of WYSIWYG and it’s unlike any WordPress theme you have ever used before.

You’ve never built a WordPress website like this before.Divi is one of the most advanced WordPress themes in the world.In fact, Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, It’s a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor.It can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike, giving you the power to create spectacular designs with surprising ease and efficiency.

Enjoy the ultimate web design editor.

Divi is like Photoshop or Sketch for the web.It brings an advanced design interface to WordPress that both beginners and experts will fall in love with.It’s incredibly smart, super flexible, amazingly powerful and visual by nature.This is how designing for the web is meant to be done.

With Divi, every part of your website is customizable.You have complete freedom to create the perfect website for you or your clients.

Easily change colors, fonts and text styles.Apply stunning animations.Transform elements on the fly and apply advanced filters and effects.Control spacing and sizing.

Add box shadows and text shadows.Create interesting background effects using gradients, images and videos.The list goes on!

Divi makes building websites for your clients so much easier, faster and more enjoyable.With Divi, you can build anything using a single platform, instead of managing dozens of different themes.

Divi makes building websites faster and more efficient.

It will streamline your design process and improve team collaboration.It’s also amazingly affordable.Build unlimited websites for your clients on a single membership.

Divi makes building websites easier.For beginners and website owners, Divi gives you the freedom to bring your own visions to life.

Anyone can jump into Divi thanks to its visual editor and hundreds of pre-made designs.

Harness the power of the Elegant Themes plugin suite, including Bloom and Monarch, the best tools for gathering leads and building your social following online.Use Divi’s built-in split testing tool, Divi Leads, to optimize the traffic you generate.

Divi integrates beautifully with WooCommerce, extending the elegance you’re able to achieve with Divi’s visual builder on posts and pages to your shop and product pages too.Selling with WordPress has never looked so good.

Divi’s powerful design features combined with its built-in portfolio post types and modules gives businesses and creatives alike everything they need to display their work with the same level of craftsmanship it was made with.

Divi is, by far, the world’s most powerful and user friendly means of creating visually stunning content for the web.No other tool makes it so easy for users of any skill level to create content experiences that until recently only big budgets and skilled developers could achieve.

Your entire design team can use Divi with a single membership.

Optimize your design work flow with Divi’s incredible set of speed and efficiency tools.

A single subscription gets you unlimited use of our themes and plugins.Install them on as many websites as you like using a single license.Use them on unlimited client websites too.

Building websites with Divi is fast.Super fast.

Divi is built by designers for designers, and we are striving to bring advanced UI paradigms to WordPress so that website owners and design agencies can enjoy a better building experience.

Divi is amazing on its own, but it’s also backed by a thriving community of developers and designers (just like WordPress)! In the Divi Marketplace, you will find tons of free and premium products that will help you build unique websites.

Divi is more than a theme, it’s a complete web design framework backed by a thriving and enthusiastic community.We believe in extendability and in the cultivation of an open source development ecosystem.That’s why we created the Divi developer API, allowing developers to create custom Divi modules and more.

A single subscription gets you unlimited use of our themes and plugins.

Install them on as many websites as you like using a single license.Use them on unlimited client websites too.

One subscription, one fee, no strings attached.Get everything in our single membership.Power your entire team and use our themes and plugins on unlimited websites.

When you use our products, you can rest easy knowing that we are always working hard to keep them updated, secure and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Your website and your client’s websites are precious.You need to trust in the products that power them.

Elegant Themes provides a level of support and product quality that is unmatched.

We take security seriously when developing our products.Rest easy knowing that we have your back.

Don’t trust your client’s websites with any old theme or plugin.

We take great pride in the level of support we provide to our customers.Our team is available 24/7.

We typically respond in less than an hour and are often available for instant live chat.

You aren’t just purchasing software when you join Elegant Themes.You are becoming part of an amazing community filled with wonderful and passionate people!.

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