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image“How to get free traffic to my blog” is an everyday question for those beginners who are suffering at the beginning of their blogging journey .

Many of them fail to reach the sixth month and leave this job.I say “job” because, honestly, no one knows what difficulties do exist in this field but only those who walk in its mud.

Anyway, getting traffic and increasing it over time is an act of patience.If you cannot bear to survive, then there is no need to continue reading.Otherwise, you are welcome to join the battle.

In this post, we are going to cover the free methods only.You will learn how to promote your blog to get free traffic once you publish it.

Where to get free traffic to your blog? In general, traffic comes from two sources, paid and organic.

By “paid” traffic, we mean displaying ads on search engines, and platforms or spreading them wherever we can.

This type of marketing gets faster results than the organic type.

Organic traffic is the traffic we get through free methods by promoting our blog posts on other platforms.

There’s no need to say that organic traffic is slower to get, but it lasts way longer than paid traffic.You can expect a flow of traffic to come every day if done the right way.

To get free traffic, consider the following headings as a checklist to use whenever you publish your posts.

let’s start.

#1: Keyword research In order to get free traffic to your blog, you need to be visible first.

The first and most urgent place you should be visible is in search engines.Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu are your first destinations.

By focusing on choosing the right keywords, you help rank in search engines by doing free keyword research.

Choose low-competition keywords, long-tail keywords, and moderate-volume ones.

You can use free tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest , and h-supertools.

There are nearly 600 million blogs on the internet

#2: Optimize for SEO Optimizing your blog posts for SEO is an unavoidable practice for ranking on the SERPs.

By doing this, you’re telling search engines that a new post is ready for crawling and indexing.

Once you craft your valuable post , which is a must, you will have to do the on-page SEO , then optimize your blog with this checklist to make sure it runs smoothly and it is error-free.

Remember that doing your SEO homework is not enough if your content is not unique and doesn’t add value to readers.

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#3: Write consistently to get traffic to your blog Due to the fact that 4.4 million posts are published every day, you can assume that whenever you leave the field for a while, someone will fill the space.

This is not to say that you have to publish every day but to know that the competition is fierce and you get to survive by spending more time writing good articles and promoting them.

Always be ready and proactive.

Prepare your content ideas on time and choose how often to write and publish, for instance, once or twice a week.

If you don’t have a publishing timetable, set it after finishing reading this post.

The average writing time for a post is 4 hours

#4: Guest posting is another way to get traffic to your blog Guest posting is simply the act of writing posts for other people’s blogs where you can benefit from their traffic and they benefit from your posts.

When looking for a guest blog, people choose high-authority domains that have high traffic, but few people accept guest posting on their blogs, and there are hundreds of spam websites on the internet.

Try to build relationships with other blogs and platforms, then email the authors asking for guest posting.

Once you are accepted somewhere, more traffic and authority will be passed from that blog to yours.

#5: Email marketing With an ROI (Return On Investment) of 40%, email marketing is one of the most successful methods to drive traffic to your blog by promoting your content to a large number of people in one click.

This method keeps getting more users every day, and it is expected to reach 367 billion sent emails in the next 3 years.

All you need to do is to create a free pop-up newsletter on your WordPress and offer something if you can, like an e-book, to exchange it with readers’ email accounts.

These accounts are automatically added to your list with your preferred email marketing company, and you can then send your posts directly to your list.

You can also send cold emails to get new readers to your blog, and those who are interested in your content will be the new readers on your list.

Talking about free methods, GetResponse offers you a free pop-up newsletter along with a free 500-user email list.

It’s a good start for beginners to send unlimited emails for free, and then you can upgrade your list when there’s no more room.

Get a free newsletter

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#6: Get free traffic from social media and micro-blogs Every beginner experiences a clash between what he reads and watches online and the results he gets at the beginning.

This is where most of them leave the field and retreat.

Do you want to be one of them? Of course not.

That’s why you still read.

To get traffic to your blog, you definitely have to sacrifice a lot of time promoting your work, otherwise, no one can see it.

Apply the 20/80 rule.

You should devote 20% of your time to writing and optimization and 80% to promotion.

Nearly half of the websites are built with WordPress

Where to freely promote your posts and get traffic to your blog? 1.Quora With 300 million users, Quora is the biggest Q&A platform on the internet.A high concentration of adults is always active, and 65% of its users have a college degree.

Moreover, you’ll get traffic to your blog from top-tier countries since 35% of Americans use this platform.

Quora statistics are all encouraging you to get your own slice of cheese.

After publishing your post on your blog, visit Quora to start answering people’s questions and implementing your links with answers.

Also, create your own space to publish your posts there and redirect people to your blog.

But be careful

Quora is somehow sensitive to links, especially from those who are new to the platform.Give more than you take.

If you want to master working on Quora, read this article .

2.Reddit When I started using Reddit to promote my posts, I got banned on the first day.I changed my account and got banned again.

That was frustrating until I learned the proper way to deal with it, and guess what? It is a gold mine.

On Reddit, you can find thousands of communities talking about several niches with around 55 million daily users.

Create a new account, then search for relevant communities to join.

After that, create your own community to publish your posts there with no restrictions.

Then add value by participating in the discussions.

Some communities allow you to submit your links directly, while others require you to submit a request to post.

When working on Reddit, make sure you build your karma before inserting your links; otherwise, you’ll get banned.

After all, Reddit is a great place to get high-quality traffic, so why don’t you go there after finishing this post?

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