Comment on Derek Sivers — The Joys of an Un-Optimized Life, Finding Paths Less Traveled, Creating Tech Independence (and Risks of the Cloud), Taking Giant Leaps, and Picking the Right “Game of Life” (#668) by Tomi


image“I think that saying ‘good enough’ is a superpower.”— Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers (

@sivers) is an author of philosophy and entrepreneurship, known for his surprising, quotable insights and pithy, succinct writing style.He is a former musician, programmer, TED speaker, and circus clown, who sold his first company, CDBaby, for $22 million and gave all the money to charity.

Derek’s books (

How to Live, Hell Yeah or No, Your Music and People, Anything You Want) and newest projects are at his website: upcoming book is Useful Not True.

Please enjoy!

P.S.To follow the exact step-by-step “

Tech Independence” instructions from Derek, please visit

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Want to hear the first time Derek was on the show? Listen to our conversation

here, in which we discussed developing confidence, finding happiness, saying ‘no’ to millions, Derek’s favorite books, and much, much more.

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– Connect with Derek Sivers:

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– [06:16] The Derek Sivers School of Enough.

– [11:24] Scuba diving and empathy lessons in Iceland.

– [16:13] Categories we apply to ourselves and others.

– [22:46] Derek’s people compass.

– [28:14] How to secure your tech independence.

– [1:05:19] The unoptimized life.

– [1:16:37] The meaning of Derek’s upcoming book, Useful Not True.

– [1:32:55] The problem with moral relativism and other -isms.

– [1:51:24] Giant leaps.

– [2:00:10] Finding and asking mentors for help.

– [2:08:18] Games.

– [2:12:26] The wisdom of quitting when you’re ahead.

– [2:17:13] Why would Derek — never in need of external validation — seek fame?

– [2:20:45] What makes Derek so darned interesting?

– [2:23:18] Has Derek always been a satisficer?

– [2:31:43] Living on the edge case.

– [2:35:33] The real question behind “What would you tell your younger self?”

– [2:40:29] Giving directions in Antarctica.

– [2:41:46] How do you teach an 11-year-old to act like a 16-year-old?

– [2:45:45] Parting thoughts.


“If you wonder why I’m so happy, why I’m thriving, why I seem to be doing well, a lot of my happiness comes from this worldview that is radical doubt.It’s skepticism.I’m going to give this the shorthand of calling it ‘Useful Not True.’”

— Derek Sivers

“If you set up your business to serve the people that you love being around, even if it makes less money, you’re going to be much happier.”

— Derek Sivers

“I think that saying ‘good enough’ is a superpower.”

— Derek Sivers

“We spend the first half of our life deferring to authority and thinking that authority has power over us.And at a certain point, you realize that you’re free.

You’re liberated from that as long as you don’t break the law.”

— Derek Sivers

“The temptation to keep playing, even though the rewards are done, isn’t that the definition of addiction? Continuing a behavior even though it’s not rewarding you anymore?”

— Derek Sivers


Matt Mullenweg Barry Schwartz Michael Browne Kevin Kelly Tobi Lütke Harley Finkelstein David Heinemeier Hansson Paul McCartney Neo Morpheus Richard Branson Ava Bookbear Sam Harris Thomas Hobbes Dr.Seuss Paul Graham Sonja Lyubomirsky William B.

Irvine Dale Carnegie Byron Katie Hernán Cortés Eckhart Tolle Napoleon Hill Abraham Lincoln Tyler Cowen Seth Godin Keith Richards Björk Chuck E.Cheese Jesus Abraham Maslow Gotye Jacinda Ardern Serena Williams Cameron Diaz Felix Dennis Roy McMillan Prince) Brian Eno Kurt Cobain George Harrison Puyi Genghis Khan Alexander the Great Madonna Josh Waitzkin Sue Flood E.T.Stromae

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