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imageHome page Subscribe 24℃ TOKYO September 26, 2023 Subscribe September 26, 2023 South China Sea Economic stimulus War in Ukraine Latest News Deep Dive Podcast Subscribe South China Sea Economic stimulus War in Ukraine Latest News Deep Dive Podcast Today’s print edition Home Delivery JAPAN Politics Society Crime & Legal Science & Health Explainer History WORLD Politics Crime & Legal Science & Health Society ASIA PACIFIC Politics Crime & Legal Science & Health Social Issues BUSINESS Companies Economy Markets Tech SPORTS Sumo Soccer Baseball Basketball Tennis Olympics More sports OPINION Editorials Commentary LIFE Travel Digital Food & Drink Style & Design Language Lifestyle CULTURE Film Books Music Art TV & Streaming Stage Entertainment news COMMUNITY Voices Issues How-tos Our Lives My Account Logout Subscribe for more access JAPAN / Politics Japan to introduce new residency status for asylum-seekers By Gabriele Ninivaggi A program to offer long-term resident status that will allow asylum-seekers to work in Japan will be introduced in December.OPINION Kousuke Saitou How emerging technologies can bring power to states While the technologies are expected to largely change how militaries, economies and societies are operated, many of their social impacts remain unclear.Mihir Sharma India-Canada clash should be a wake-up call on diaspora extremism Western countries are failing to keep the radicalization of certain migrant communities in check.They have much to lose.Matthew A.Winkler Japan shows how to defeat secular stagnation Outperforming other G7 countries on several economic indicators, Japan is demonstrating how prosperity can grow despite a shrinking population..

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