The only tech CEOs speaking out against Texas’ abortion ban are women, despite two-thirds of ‘top talent’ saying the law would discourage them from working in the state


Gov.Abbott said Texas’ abortion ban “is not slowing down businesses” from coming to the state.But two-thirds of “top talent” said in a survey that the law would discourage them from working in Texas.Most tech companies have remained silent on the issue — the only 2 CEOs to immediately respond were […]

The Death of Cash


Both globally and in the US, the payments ecosystem is evolving.Two related trends: the slow death of cash and the fast rise of digital payments, are transforming how consumers, businesses, governments, and even criminals move money.Annual global non-cash transactions are expected to pass the 1 trillion milestone by 2024.This major […]

US Special Operations Command has given up on its ‘Iron Man suit,’ but it’s still looking for other high-tech upgrades for its operators


The Pentagon is looking to keep its edge over rivals by giving US troops the best tech out there.US Special Operations Command has been leading the way, often providing real-world testing for various weapon systems and technology.With its Hyper Enabled Operator program, SOCOM aims to equip special operators with technology […]

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