Starfield Trends as Fans Call it Their Most Anticipated Xbox Game of 2022


imageStarfield Trends as Fans Call it Their Most Anticipated Xbox Game of 2022

The start of a new year means that new games are closer to becoming a reality, and [Bethesda](/category/bethesda/) ‘s [Starfield](/category/starfield/) is easily one of 2022’s most-anticipated.The game also seems poised as one of the biggest [Xbox](/category/xbox/) exclusives of 2022, and it seems like there’s a significant amount of hype surrounding it.Outside of a brief tease last month, Bethesda hasn’t given fans much in the way of information lately, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting excited about Starfield.The game has been trending on Twitter simply because it’s one of the things gamers are most looking forward to this year!

Of course, even though Starfield is officially launching in 2022, fans are still going to have a long wait ahead of them.The title won’t be dropping until November 11th, which is pretty far away! Hopefully, Xbox and Bethesda will tide fans over with some new information sometime in the near future.

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Starfield!

Starfield is definitely one of 2022’s biggest games.

Starfield is coming out the end of this year, but do you realize that this is maybe the biggest release of 2022 and it’s an Xbox exclusive? We’ve been waiting on Todd Howard’s next game since 2015, and Bethesdas Softwork newest IP in 25 years… I don’t think you are hyped enough — HaveYouSeen (@haveyouseen01) [January 2, 2022]



It could even be a system seller!

Oh, I wonder how Starfield runs on Xbox Series S.

If it’s good enough, that’ll probably be my reason to get the console.— 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓴 (@RoninTaizen) [January 2, 2022]



For many, it’s 2022’s most-anticipated game.

Starfield — iFlapzy (@ItsiFlapzy) [] [January 2, 2022]



Zelda and Starfield are gonna make for a good Q4 for gamers.

Between — Joe Gillespie Draws (@gillespiedraws) [#Starfield] and [#BOTW2] , don’t bother me fall 2022.[] [January 2, 2022]



Elden Ring has a lot of hype, too!

Elden Ring is a big contender for year’s biggest release, but Starfield is right up there with it.

— Arden Takeda (@mysterystar13) [January 3, 2022]



Just let it be good.

7 Things that would make 2022 rad, in descending order of likelihood:

1.PML Arceus is FUN and GOOD i cant wait 😭 — Kura (@TheKuraning)

2.Starfield güd

3.Virtual Digimon Card game (not cams)


Global Digimon Super Rumble release

5.Digimon survive

6.VtMB2 news

7.execs in pokemon masters [January 2, 2022]



Let the countdown begin!

T-minus 11 months to starfield — Tony Stark (@MrStark_42) [January 3, 2022]



Some people are less hyped, however.

I really wish people would stop hyping up Starfield.— Silent Hill Dude (@SilentHillDude)

We know so little about this new IP.[January 2, 2022]


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