Elon Musk surveys freedom of expression on Twitter and plays with the idea of buying the social network


imageThis article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies.Errors may exist due to this process.Creative, dynamic and perpetually active – Elon Musk has shown how much he loves using Twitter .There is not a day that the owner of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company does not post and generate reactions among his more than 79 million followers.

He asks questions, asks for opinions, changes his name and challenges the world’s most dangerous leaders to a duel.Now he asks users of the social network about freedom of expression on the same platform.

Peter Parks | Getty Images Last Friday Musk uploaded a tweet with a poll and the following caption: “Freedom of expression is essential for a functioning democracy.Do you think Twitter strictly adheres to that principle? Also in another message, he warned: “The consequences of this survey will be important.

Please vote carefully.”

The survey was voted on by more than 2 million users and generated a chain of reactions, likes and comments; In addition, 70.4% of the participants responded that they do not consider that Twitter strictly adheres to the principle of freedom of expression.With the results in hand, Musk published two other messages: “Since Twitter functions as the de facto public square, not adhering to the principles of freedom of expression fundamentally undermines democracy.” And later: “Is a new platform necessary?”

Followers again engaged in comments suggesting that he buy the social network or, better yet, develop a new one.As is his custom Elon responded to some of them saying that it would not be a bad idea to buy Twitter, nor would it be a bad idea to develop a new platform that respects the freedom of expression of its users and in which there is no propaganda.

Is Elon Musk serious? As always, it is impossible to know.

Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy.

Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?


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