Shun prosperity preaching, Catholic bishop tells priests


imageThe Catholic bishop of Ekwuluobia Diocese, in Anambra State, Most Reverend Peter Okpaleke, has urged priests to shun prosperity and commercial preaching in churches.Okpaleke made the call on Saturday during the 51st Convocation of the Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu.Speaking in a lecture titled “Igbo Catholicism in 2035,” Okpaleke said Igbo Catholicism would suffer negative bias due to changings in the world.According to him, we are now witnessing neo-Christianity which is the other side of Pentecostalism, most especially, the prosperity version of it.“The emphasis of Neo- Christianity is based on power and acquisition of spiritual powers.

“Some men and women of God are rumoured of obtaining powers to mesmerise people and pool crowd through deities which are recognised in traditional religion.“The name of Christ is shouted using occultic powers,” Okpaleke said.

He advised that things of God should be first than personal ambition, stressing that they should not behave like Pentecostals both in their teaching and activities.Okpaleke added that they should avoid private businesses and dining with politicians, saying that all these were not their core mandate.According to him, vibrant Catholicism in Igboland entails a person loving God and others.

Read Also [2023: Catholic Bishop tasks Nigerians to pray, vote wisely] [Catholic bishop tasks Buhari on ASUU, fuel scarcity] [Ekiti Catholic bishop cautions against electing incompetent people into political offices] He further said that priests could bore their minds on revolution change in Information Communication Technology.He noted that many priests spent a lot of time on social media and other entertainment programmes than things of God.The bishop added that efforts should be redoubled on the part of seminarians, priests and the entire church to arrest the ugly trend.“To address this challenge means going back to the core ministry of the church,” he said.In his remarks, the Rector of the seminary, Reverend Albert Ikpenwa, advised the graduands to be mindful of their conduct and avoid commercialising the gospel of Christ.

He noted that church business was now thriving while self-acclaimed pastors and prophets took advantage of the gullibility and vulnerable ones.

“The expectations required of you are quite demanding as the church expect holy and well-focused priests who will bring people closer to God,” Ikpenwa said.He, however, urged them to eschew all forms of materialistic tendencies and anomalies, saying that was the core mandate of Christ.NAN.

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