Kingston’s Providence Care hospitals to continue COVID-19 measures – Kingston |


imageWhile the province of Ontario is set to drop mask mandates Monday and has already done away with the proof of vaccination requirement at most business and public venues, Kingston’s Providence Care hospital sites will not be following suit.

Providence Care will continue asking for proof of vaccination, main entrance screening, masking and physical distancing until further notice.

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“We will continue to review our safety measures on an ongoing basis, and do what’s best for our organization, staff and the people we serve,” said Krista Wells Pearce, Providence Care’s COVID-19 incident commander.

The hospital notes that while overall hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have gone down, a number of its staff continue to be affected and unable to work.

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“We must practice appropriate caution when dealing with COVID-19.

Lifting protective measures for our vulnerable populations will continue to be evidence-based and informed by all indicators and trends available to us.

“Our first priority will always be the safety of our staff, the people we serve, families, visitors, and volunteers.”.

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