The Miracle of Beijing: A City at the Forefront of Science and Technology


imageAccording to the Global Innovation Hubs Index 2023, Beijing topped Nature Index Science Cities rankings, and ranked third among global innovation hubs for two consecutive years.A new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the global innovation landscape and economic structure.In cutting-edge fields like quantum computing, brain science, and AI, disruptive innovations are emerging.Sci-tech innovation has become a new growth engine for Beijing.

By excelling at scientific achievement and industrialization, and fostering a thriving innovation environment, Beijing has positioned itself at the forefront of the global science and technology race.

At a time of momentous changes unseen in a century, technological innovation is the key to new quality productive forces, and high-quality development.Those who seize the opportunities in sci-tech innovation will hold the key to future development.

In the journey towards global innovation hub, Beijing maintains a strong focus on R&D, consistently investing over 6% of its resources since 2019.

In 2022, Beijing secured the highest number of invention patents per capita in China.Over 300 multinational companies have established regional headquarters and R&D centers in Zhongguancun.For years, Beijing has remained at the forefront of sci-tech innovation, where open collaboration is the key to new possibilities.Beijing’s journey towards an innovation hub mirrors China’s transformation into an innovative nation and a sci-tech powerhouse.

With relentless effort, Beijing embarks on a journey to become a beacon of innovation.The city aims to become a world-class innovation hub, acts as a catalyst for China’s pursuit of high-level sci-tech self-reliance, and propels China’s rise as a leading science and technology hotspot.


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