New Version of Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Releasing This Year


imageNew Version of Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Releasing This Year

A new version of [Xbox](/category/xbox/) Game Pass is reportedly releasing sometime this fall around the holiday season.[Xbox Game Pass](/category/xbox-game-pass/) is currently available in two forms: standard $10 Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is $15 a month.According to a new report, a third version, a family plan, is on the way.This rumor isn’t new, but the aforementioned window of release is.As for the rumor, it comes from well-known Microsoft insider, Brad Sams.

Unfortunately, Sams doesn’t divulge any details on what this plan will look like or how much it will cost.Further, he also notes that this information is subject to change.In other words, this window is a target, not a locked-in thing.

“The family party plan, last I heard, was targeted for a fall release, around the holiday time this year.Keep in mind, that things change.

Lots of things are in moving timelines.That was the initial target.”

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt.

There’s been various reports and rumors about an Xbox Game Pass family plan, so there’s enough smoke here to suggest there’s a fire.Further, this is something that just makes sense.That said, the claim of the family plan and these new finer details from Sams are all unofficial and also subject to change.

Rumblings of a family plan surface that Xbox Game Pass is going to get more expensive soon .According to these price hike rumors, Xbox is preparing to ax Xbox Live Gold and the standard tier of Xbox Game Pass in favor of making the $15 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — which comes with Xbox Live Gold — the standard for both going forward.


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