The Daily Recap: Turning up the heat on a big defensive tackle


imageHere is the March 30 edition of The Daily Recap presented by JFQ Lending.

Does Georgia lead for Jarrett?

Adam Gorney and Jed May discussed whether they believe Georgia leads for defensive tackle Jamaal Jarrett (Grimsley/Greensboro, N.C.).The good news for the Bulldogs is that both believe the program holds a lead .

“Georgia and North Carolina are the front-runners for Jamaal Jarrett and while I’m never going to count out coach Mack Brown and the Tar Heels for an in-state prospect, the Bulldogs look tough to beat,” Gorney wrote.“He had such a great experience there for two days getting to know the coaches and players, sitting in on meetings and experiencing everything Georgia has to offer.If I had to pick right now, Georgia is clearly the frontrunner.

“Jamaal Jarrett looks primed to follow in Jordan Davis ’ footsteps as mammoth defensive linemen from North Carolina to join the Bulldogs,” May wrote.“The Georgia staff has really turned up the heat in his recruitment since January, when he visited Athens for the national championship celebration.His return visit last weekend only solidified Georgia’s place at the top.Jarrett had one-on-one time with both Kirby Smart and Tray Scott on this visit.

His family came and loved everything about Athens as well.At this point, Georgia seems to have a firm hold on the lead for Jarrett’s commitment.

‘Felt like home’

May spoke with running back Micah Welch (Baldwin/Milledgeville, Ga.) to see how his recent visit to Georgia went .Welch said he appreciated the family atmosphere and that he was made to feel like he was already a part of the team.

Rumors vs.


Edwards talks recruiting

Class of 2024 athlete KingJoseph Edwards (Buford/Buford, Ga.) broke down the latest with his recruiting.Edwards spoke to Ryan Wright about where Georgia fits into the picture and how the coaches approached him on a recent visit .

Re-ranking the 2018 class

Patrick Garbin re-ranked the 2018 recruiting class now that most of the players have concluded their time at Georgia.This group is arguably the best class Georgia has ever put together.

The original top five, in order, featured quarterback Justin Fields , offensive lineman Jamaree Salyer , running back Zamir White , defensive end Adam Anderson and offensive lineman Cade Mays .

Garbin’s re-ranking, in order, went Davis, defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt , outside linebacker Azeez Ojulari , White and running back James Cook .

Hoops: White’s salary announced

Georgia head coach Mike White will earn $3.4 million per season , according to information returned in an open records request.

White replaced Tom Crean as Georgia’s head men’s basketball coach after spending the past seven years at Florida.At Florida, White earned $3.1 million during the 2021-22 season.Crean was paid $3.2 million during his final season with the Bulldogs.

Women’s hoops: Coach Abe grateful for Landers’ impact

New women’s basketball coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson said she wants to ensure Georgia’s players are aware of the historic legacy that began under former head coach Andy Landers’ watch .

Abrahamson-Henderson played for Landers for two years from 1985-87 and, although she finished her career at Iowa, remains grateful for her time under his guidance.

“Our players and coaches will know, when they wear that Georgia logo on the front of their chest, there’s honor behind that name, because the foundation was set by some of the best basketball players in the world—not in the country, the world,” he said.

“And Andy Landers obviously was one of the best coaches in the country and the world.I mean, in my opinion, he’s one of the best coaches that ever coached the game.”

Spring photos

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Three-star Terry Simmons goes over his top five programs .

Tiger Woods practices at Augusta ahead of The Masters.

Pete Carroll says talks with Colin Kaepernick “have not progressed.”

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