I enjoy wearing saris a lot: Samantha Ruth Prabhu


imageSamantha Ruth Prabhu is a style maven and she has been cementing her style credentials with each public appearance.The 34-year-old is also an entrepreneur and runs her online retail label along with her business partner.Samantha has incorporated a lot of her personal style into her brand and tried to bring small elements of the red carpet into everyday clothing.The year 2022 especially has started off quite well for the actor and she has been inspiring her fans with her fashion choices and acting chops.In an exclusive, Samantha talks about her likes and dislikes in fashion and why she decided to start her online retail brand in 2020.

What was the whole idea behind starting an online retail brand?

SRP: When my partner, Sushruthi and I met, we had discussed how the modern Indian woman today has evolved to be a confident, independent woman who makes a mark for herself professionally and personally.We want to bring to the market products that reflect this go-getter spirit of today’s women for them to conquer their dreams in the most fashionable way.

Where do you want to see this brand in the long run?

SRP: I am looking for this brand to not just be a reflection of my personal style, but to also become a go-to destination for all wardrobe requirements for today’s modern women – be it for work, be it for time out with friends and family or be it dressing up for special occasions, Saaki should be their go to destination with styles they love!

How much of your personal style has gone into the creative part of this brand?

SRP: We use a lot of inspiration from my personal style.However, we interpret it in a way where our customers will enjoy wearing these clothes in their daily lives.We always look for feedback from our customers in terms of what they want and we make sure we deliver on that.

Fashion wise, we try to bring a small element of that red carpet feel to everyday clothing.

Tell us about your style.Is it more casual or red carpet?

SRP: My personal style is defined in two words – feminine and edgy! I definitely enjoy dressing up as it is a great way to express myself, so I’d go for my red carpet looks!

Do you like solids or prints?

SRP: If I go for prints, I look for modern, playful prints with fresh colors.

If I wear solid, I go for edgy silhouettes.I usually play around with both for my styling.

Do you prefer wearing more Indian wear or western wear when it comes to your appearances?

SRP: In Indian wear, I enjoy wearing saris and I try to wear different types of saris to my appearances, sometimes I try organzas, handlooms and silks.I also love experimenting with western wear because it allows me to keep in touch with global fashion trends.Since I like them both, we’ve created Saaki as a modern Indian brand where we try to bring global fashion trends to Indian Wear.

How much role does your stylist play in making you look good always? Do you also share your inputs with him or do you wear what he suggests?

SRP: We are very collaborative about my styling.My personal style is feminine and edgy fashion.

He understands that well and brings new ideas that fit into my sense of style.

He helps me discover new designers or explore trends that I may not have tried before.

Are we also going to see Samantha starting her own designer label in the near future?

SRP: The reason I started Saaki is to bring something to the market that’s more affordable and accessible.Designer clothing is not on my mind at the moment! The focus will be to grow this and make it a household name.

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