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Looking to build a news or magazine website and needs would like to see some newspaper website designs to get inspiration? That is exactly what this list is for!

Almost all brands turn to the internet as a great medium for marketing and business growth in this modern era.Undeniably, the news industry has not been repulsive with this effective sharing of useful articles.Most media companies have well-structured and user-friendly websites that can be accessed in just a few clicks.

Thus, people can expect to read news instantly anytime, anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the power of the internet, reading news has never been this quick and easy.Having a web presence is a must for every brand, however, building it may need ample time and effort.

In addition, a bunch of aesthetically crafted newspaper websites is a great tool to inspire media companies in building their online presence.Today, we’ve collected these amazing newspaper website designs that will help unleash creativity.

Newspaper websites must have a clean and neat layout that’s user-friendly.This way, the audience can easily navigate the website and access essential content.Moreover, the design must look magnificent, making the website more impressive and interesting.

Specifically, it must emphasize good typography, design hierarchy, color scheme, and other essential elements of a good website.In this collection of newspaper websites, design media companies will get ample inspiration in building upcoming news websites.Best Newspaper Website Designs Elisha

Sharing all sorts of news online happens quickly and effortlessly with Elisha.It’s a fantastic template that catters to any niche you’d like to write about.

You can even expand it with different topics if you’re passionate about multiple things.

Powerful builder, mobile-ready, SEO-optimized, social links and functional contact form are just some of the goodies you get.

But first, take a peek at the live demo preview – I warn you, you’ll be hooked.Preview Kodah

Kodah is the perfect option for a news site that has a minimalist look.Beautiful images and compelling text – what else you want?

It’s a template that will distribute your content stunningly across all devices, handheld and desktop.Kodah is also fast-loading, ensuring exceptional performance for a pleasant reading experience.

You can also link it to your social accounts, collect emails and add a contact form.(BTW, I really like the lightbox gallery!) Go.Preview Kekselias

Elegance and creativity, not to mention the aesthetic design, define Kekselias.Its unique and well-structured content even makes the website more impressive.This website utilizes an easy way for users to navigate using the vertical menu or sidebar menu.

Moreover, the website also showcases content in a captivating manner using a slider.

Since social media is a great way to boost awareness, Kekselias never forget to integrate it into the website, where it is likely to be viewed and fixed.Preview The New York Times

Clean and minimalist design often stands out in the web design industry.Hence, most established brands consider such designs in building their websites.The New York Times has a super neat and clean newspaper website design.It welcomes the audience with a minimalist homepage with only the essential elements, including the logo, tagline, menu, and off-canvas menu with a white background.

Moreover, the awesome and smooth animation upon scrolling makes the website even more remarkable and interesting.Knowing the essence of visual hierarchy, The New York Times implements such a strategy with its content to look aesthetically pleasing and optimize the user experience.

Preview The Next Web

In today’s competitive market, building a website needs careful planning.It must manifest the products and services it provides to avoid confusion.Similarly, newspaper websites should deliver the right information and consider the user-friendliness of the website.The Next Web has well-structured content that looks elegant and easy to navigate.

In particular, this website welcomes an audience with diverse sizes of thumbnails on the hero header.It also implements the sticky header to improve retention for easy and quick navigation.Meanwhile, TNW implements different sizes of ad spots for monetization purposes.Other notable features include social media integration, search, social share and more.Preview Mashable

Expert in providing news from different aspects, Mashable has a modern and comprehensive newspaper website design.Delivering the best and informative news, Mashable website ensures that each article is striking and engaging.

All of those posts have attractive thumbnails (images or videos).This website comes with a sticky header where users can easily navigate through the website.While navigation is essential, social media integration also plays an important role in the success of every business.Hence, Mashable ensures that it is always accessible for every website visitor.Various banner ads are also added to the website in diverse sizes.Preview ZD Net

Stunning websites with compelling content often excel on the web.

As a media company, that’s why never fail to impress an audience with outstanding design and interesting content.ZD Net is a clean and excellent newspaper website design.

Particularly, the website introduces featured contents via hierarchical grids where elements are organized in order of importance.In addition, news articles on those grids randomly change using the carousel.

Furthermore, it also implements a sticky menu to increase visitor retention on the website.Other amazing features include social media integration, banner ads, newsletter subscription, video integration, search, and more! Preview Wired

Wired has a stunning, clutter-free design that focuses on content.

It has a simple and comprehensive layout where content looks exquisite with white background.Wired uses different banner advertisements for advertisers to raise product or service awareness.

Additionally, it has a cool, unique layout where different thumbnails are utilized.The website embeds video content as they’re greatly irresistible to the audience.Easy navigation incorporates the sticky header where the sign-in and subscribe buttons are quickly accessible.Other useful features are social media integration, subtle animation upon hovering, and more.

Preview Futurism

As the name implies, this website has an innovative, futuristic design that stuns thousands of visitors.Futurism applies the designs that belong to the modern look of websites.The website looks great with the black and white color scheme with a touch of visual hierarchy.Meanwhile, it utilizes the sidebar menu for easy and quick navigation.However, users can also hide or show the sidebar menu whenever he wishes to.

To monetize with the website, there are various banner ads.This website provides for interesting advertisers to promote products.What’s more? Futurism embeds video content, too along with social media integration and newsletter subscription.

Preview Variety

Variety is another awesome newspaper website design that media companies should look into.As the name implies, it enables a visitor to enjoy various entertainment, reviews, and news.The website delivers content nicely using a center-structured method having a fixed background image.Variety places striking videos and featured TV shows on the top of the page as it endeavors to engage the viewers.

That’s not all, on the header, social media icons are also added, so it’s a lot easier to locate them on those platforms.Moreover, the most important or featured articles are also placed in hierarchical grids, placing the latest news on top.In addition, this website also comes with a carousel, banner ads, newsletter, sticky menu, and more.Preview Washington Post

Clean and straightforward design, Washington Post has never left its rank as one of the most popular newspaper websites today.The website is crafted with great emphasis on significant content, leaving no space for complications.Particularly, it delivers fresh, breaking news just below the header with super attractive typography in a red background.This Washington Post website utilizes the column grid type where contents/elements are organized into columns.Furthermore, articles are also categorized so visitors can easily jump from one news category to another.

Preview Inquisitr

Inquisitr pledge to deliver quality news and entertainment stories worldwide as part of this amazing newspaper website design collection.Indeed! With its user-friendly design and compelling content, this media company deserves to be in this useful list of newspaper website designs.Inquisitr presents news articles in a trendy design having thumbnails that look enticing.This way, visitors can easily identify which news article is more interesting.This website also understands the need for easy navigation, so it utilized the sticky menu and social media integration.To make the website more engaging, Inquisitr uses several columns to exhibit articles.Preview Le Temps

One of the best and clean designs of newspaper websites, Le Temps, is not just well-structured but has user-friendly features that make the website stand out.It features center-structured content, which adds a bluish background image beautifully on both sides, making the content stand out.

Particularly, it marvels visitors with a creative advertisement just below the header.Once a visitor points on that ad section, the timer counts down and the creative ad will show up.Each of the articles posted has thumbnails that even make them look interesting.Check out other useful features this website has for fellow media companies.

Preview Surface Mag

Simple yet engaging, Surface Mag has a great layout that looks creative but truly amazes the audience.This website uses a sticky menu and an off-canvas menu for easy and fast navigation.On the homepage, you can find three different columns for the contents.A bigger thumbnail on the left side which uses a slider for displaying multiple articles, a vibrant signup form on the middle column along with smaller thumbnails, and top stories on the right side.

If the user wishes to access the social media accounts, it’s also easier to find as it is embedded on the off-canvas menu.Preview Coda Story

Accordingly, minimalist designs have better typography, less color, and white space.Coda Story is another awesome newspaper website design that implements minimalism.It has a very simple and plain design that enables the visitors to read news of articles without hassle easily.It also presents content nicely with readable content and visual hierarchy.In addition, this website also offers membership options or even allows compassionate visitors to donate to their non-profit organization.

Other notable features include a sticky header, off-canvas menu, next and previous articles, social media integration, and more.Preview Overture

Building a website requires creativity without compromising quality and functionality.

Overture is a wonderful combination of elegance, innovation, and creativity.It has a unique newspaper website design that introduces the news articles using a remarkable fade-in, fade-out effect.Overture embraces bold typography, design hierarchy, ample whitespace, color balance, etc.Moreover, this website also uses the mega menu as a stylish and functional navigation scheme.

Since videos are a great way to connect with the audience and improve marketing strategy, Overture didn’t ignore video integration.Preview Caleo Magazine

Fantastic and innovative newspaper website design, Caleo Magazine is one of the stunning inspiration media companies you can look into.This website has a beautiful split screen design – the left side is fixed and the other is scrollable.Contents on the right side are posted using masonry-style, where each article comes with attractive thumbnails.

On the other hand, the left side of the screen comes with an off-canvas menu and social media integration.If a visitor wishes to search a certain content on the website, that’s also possible.

Preview Mint Magazine

Today, most newspaper websites embrace the integration of imagery and videos to improve retention and drive more traffic.Here’s another superb newspaper website design that will inspire passionate journalists and media companies to build a seamless website.Mint Magazine has a clean and stunning newspaper website design that gives importance to whitespace.It features a sleek slider with big, explicit imagery in the hero header.All other articles look grandeur as they are exhibited using masonry style.Preview NSS Magazine

This NSS Magazine is another must-see newspaper website design that stands out on the web.

The website focuses on the power of images to demand attention, bold and striking typography, and subtle animation.Apart from that, it also embraces the essence of white space.Some of the notable features that you’ll love with NSS Magazine are the remarkable sliders, newsletter, subtle animation upon hover, social media integration, sticky menu, mega menu, search, banner ads, and more! Preview Ryan Giggs

If you’re looking for a sports news website that you can opt for as an inspiration, Ryan Giggs is just an irresistible website design that you shouldn’t miss.The hero header of Ryan Giggs’s website welcomes an audience with a smooth display of imagery using a carousel.The articles look elegant on the grayscale tone as a unique scheme and cool animation upon hovering.The website comes with a sidebar menu providing an easy way for visitors to navigate well.

The website integrates video, banner ads, site awards, and recognition.Preview NBC News

Newspaper websites don’t need to be dull.A little touch of creativity without ignoring functionality is a great scheme.Here’s NBC News, a newspaper website design with all the fantastic features a must-have.NBC News is crafted with better typography, design hierarchy, clear imagery, and good functionality with such attributes.Particularly, the website uses various beautiful features that make it inspirational.This website is ready to spread the news with sophistication from an awesome carousel, sticky header, off-canvas menu, social media integration, search, and many others.

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