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imageFormer President Donald Trump’s social media app, Truth Social , is expected to make its debut on Presidents’ Day, according to a report from Reuters .In a test version of the app viewed by Reuters , the outlet saw a post from the network’s chief product officer (CPO) indicating the app’s February 21st launch.

“By the end of March, we’re going to be fully operational” “We’re currently set for release in the Apple App store for Monday Feb.21,” the executive — who goes by “Billy B” on Truth Social — reportedly said in response to a beta tester’s question about the app’s public release date.Truth Social has been open to “invited guests only” as early as December, with around 500 beta testers later gaining access to the network.

Former Representative Devin Nunes, who now serves as Trump Media and Technology Group’s (TMTG) CEO , offered more information about the app in an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

While he didn’t explicitly mention a Presidents’ Day release, he did say the app would hit the App Store sometime this week.“This week, we’ll begin to roll out [to] people on the Apple App Store,” Nunes said.“By the end of March, we’re going to be fully operational, at least within the United States.”

As noted by Reuters , CPO Billy B.

also answered beta testers’ questions about the platform itself, which, so far, looks like it closely resembles its Silicon Valley rival, Twitter.In response to a question about users’ ability to edit their “truths,” or posts, the executive said, “not yet.” The lack of an edit feature at launch is kind of funny, especially for a platform that’s supposed to directly compete with Twitter (which still doesn’t let users edit tweets, much to everyone’s discontent).The executive also revealed that Truth Social is working on a direct messaging feature, the ability to sign up to receive notifications about new content, as well as a user verification policy, Reuters reports.

Late last week, a New York Times report suggested the app’s release date has been pushed back until March, potentially due to the Security and Exchange Commission’s investigation into Trump’s SPAC deal to take TMTG public.But now, it seems Truth Social might be on track for its scheduled release date after all , although it’s still unclear when and if an Android version of the social network will be released.The Verge reached out to TMTG with a request for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.


Donald Trump’s new social media SPAC, explained.

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