Age of Empires IV might be headed to Xbox consoles


image‘) > -1) { addClass($(‘.section-container’), ‘pill-tag’); } Age of Empires IV brought the fan-favorite strategy franchise back to life again and has been releasing regular updates.While strategy games of this nature seldom come to console, those times might be changing.As shown by Exputer, the Microsoft Store may have revealed a new location for the game: the Xbox consoles.

If true, this could be a massive move for the strategy franchise, offering more people a chance at playing this latest offering from Relic Entertainment.

The Microsoft Store may have revealed Age of Empires IV for Xbox After the game’s initial launch, Microsoft said they were considering an Xbox launch, but there were no actual plans made one way or another.But this isn’t the first time something like this has been hinted at or teased on the internet.

In January 2022, Aggiornamenti Lumia, an Italian Twitter account focused on Microsoft and Windows apps/games, found something interesting.Reportedly, the Xbox Insider Hub may have had the game as part of the system.

Aggiornamenti Lumia @ALumia_Italia XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022 (aka CARDINAL_JANUARY_2022) now available for internal testing in the Xbox insider Hub 2:53 AM · Jan 8, 2022 113 13 XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022 (aka CARDINAL_JANUARY_2022) now available for internal testing in the Xbox insider Hub Aggiornamenti Lumia @ALumia_Italia Car = Cardinal = Age of Empires IV

XIP = Xbox Insider Preview? 🤔 8:03 AM · Jan 9, 2022 40 2 Car = Cardinal = Age of Empires IVXIP = Xbox Insider Preview? 🤔 Aggiornamenti Lumia @ALumia_Italia This is the first Microsoft mentions XIP.Last internal tests were called:

1) Cardinal Insider

2) Cardinal Closed Beta – May 21

3) Cardinal Closed Beta – June 21

4) Cardinal Closed Beta 2 – June 21

5) Cardinal August 2021

6) Cardinal September 2021

7) Cardinal October 2021 8:14 AM · Jan 9, 2022 30 1 This is the first Microsoft mentions XIP.Last internal tests were called:1) Cardinal Insider2) Cardinal Closed Beta – May 213) Cardinal Closed Beta – June 214) Cardinal Closed Beta 2 – June 215) Cardinal August 20216) Cardinal September 20217) Cardinal October 2021 In this, “Cardinal” was the codename for Age of Empires IV.

There’s no telling if it’s making headway, though.

It could have been genuinely tested, but the developers and publishers could have walked it back.

This could all be false information, but there may be hints towards Age of Empires IV heading to the Xbox consoles based on the most recent image.A revealed image in the Microsoft Store showed Age of Empires IV + 4K HDR Video Pack, and something stood out.

If this listing is true, the game could very well receive an Xbox announcement in the near future (Image via Xbox Games Store) The bottom right reads, “Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox subscription (sold separately).This could be just nothing, but in the past, the Xbox Games Store has been pretty reliable when it comes to accidentally leaking information.It should be taken with a grain of salt, as no official announcement has been made by Xbox or Relic Entertainment.

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It’s a pretty massive update, boasting many quality-of-life features and changes.While there is no official word on an Xbox version of the strategy game, the possibility undoubtedly exists..

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