OPPO’s 5G vision and how it plans to bring to life a ‘true smart life’


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“We’ve seen people appreciate the benefits of becoming more digital and embracing the idea of living a highly digital lifestyle from this point on,” said Henry Tang, OPPO Chief 5G Scientist.

“Whether it’s for their personal growth and entertainment, or even for ventures like business or career development, Filipinos have been turning to tech brands on different 5G devices that can help them achieve a more convenient and progressive lifestyle,” he said.

The biggest advantage of 5G is that it allows people to “tap unexplored facets of themselves, unleash their potentials, and be better versions of themselves through their devices.”

To realize its vision to bring a “true smart life” with the help of 5G to its consumers, OPPO continues to expand its IoT ecosystem, with 5G-enabled devices that can pair perfectly with OPPO 5G-enabled smartphones.

Because the world is becoming more digital, technology and connectivity are likewise growing, albeit at an even faster rate.5G is rapidly becoming more accessible because of the huge demand from consumers and tech brands like OPPO are all working together to make a more 5G-enabled lifestyle a reality for Filipinos.

“With 5G, we’ve seen a rapid increase in people streaming content for longer periods of time on their smartphones and creating more content through their phones.There is definitely a rise as well on the interest of living a smarter life as people continue to work from home during this time,” Tang said.

OPPO’s research and development team puts a lot of work in listening to what the consumers need at present, as well as anticipating what they may need in the future.

“We design and develop technologies through a focused R&D process that involves consumer behavior.By listening to our consumers, we are able to cull insights on how we can further innovate our products.Similarly, this also allows us to look into future trends and, together with our users, be at the forefront of innovation,” said Tang, who has been with OPPO since 2015, achieving many remarkable results in the formulation of 5G standards, together with his team.

This drives OPPO to further invest in R&D and look into how it can innovate the experiences it offers through faster and seamless tech products.

OPPO takes pride in being at the forefront of the 5G innovation.

Tang said the global tech giant’s commitment to making 5G accessible to more consumers is reflected in the vast partnerships it has with top operators globally.

This allowed OPPO to become the first smartphone brand to offer a 5G-enabled phone to the European market, Industry-first 5G VoNR via commercial device, and in partnership with Vodafone and Ericsson, OPPO was the first one to build the first 5G SA network in the UK.They had also applied for 2,500+ families of patents in the 5G field.

“We’ve fully equipped our latest phones with 5G to ensure that consumers will get to enjoy our smartphones’ different technologies to their fullest potential.Additionally, with people learning to adapt to a more digital lifestyle, we’ve provided our consumers with a host of 5G-enabled device offerings to enable living with a fully integrated OPPO device ecosystem,” he said.

OPPO lives by the core value “Technology for mankind, Kindness for the world.” And this is evident in the billions of dollars OPPO has invested in R&D.

In fact, its R&D team comprises about a quarter of the employee population.

A lot of work is put into innovation because it is highly important for them to be one of the most trusted tech brands globally.

“Our technologies and products go through a lot of testing and research.Some of the innovations that we’re very proud of would be the recently launched OPPO foldable phone Find N, AR Glass and MariSilicon X Imaging NPU.

These are not just mere new devices and technologies, but we’d consider these also as our statement to where we think the tech industry is heading towards in the future,” Tang said.

Foldables have become very trendy this season so OPPO has put in a lot of work to make adjustments on what has been considered to be the usual pain points of the current foldables in the market.As for the AR Glass, Tang said that this device will give consumers an alternative to how people navigate their day to day lives apart from their smartphones.On the other hand, he foresees that the MariSilicon X will definitely shape the future imaging technologies in smartphones and deliver high-powered smartphone performance..

OPPO’s steady growth in becoming a global tech leader is no easy feat.Their continued success is a combination of determination, luck, great products, and its continued commitment and investment in R&D.

Tang said: “Our goal has always been to design and develop products that will fit the demands of our users.This allows us to address different pain points from different markets and even countries.

5G may still be in its infancy in many places, but OPPO is already there.So when 5G

becomes the mainstream, we’ll be ahead of the curve which ultimately benefits our customers.”

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