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I don’t believe you,

you with maimed souls

sermonizing from high up

in your ivory towers,

you pr e tend purveyors of justice,

you apostles of false purity who

deliberately misconstrue your

impotence for prudence,

you morose molesters of the lifeblood

who spew mindless mantras

and parade around labels

that you convert to absolutes,

you who attempt to garble truths

to accommodate your

muddled worldview —

to massage your feeble sensibilities,

falsifying human existence

to make virtue out of your fragility,

you crusaders of sterility,

you champions of censorship

who sneer beneath banners,




detesting everything

that reeks of vitality

as you type away

with uncalloused fingers

in the basement of life, waging

digital war on a world

that you’re too frail-spirited

to revel in.

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