Hundreds Of New Icons, An Improved Icon Picker And More


imageThe Divi Icon Update

Choose From Hundreds Of New Icons And Find Your Favorite Icons More Easily

Today we are expanding Divi’s icon options, bringing you hundreds of new icons to choose from, as well as improving the builder’s icon picker to make it easier to find the icons you are looking for.We also added a new icon module, and added new icon options to several existing modules, giving you full control over the icons used in each.

Choose From Hundreds Of New Icons

When picking an icon in Divi, you will notice that hundreds of new icons have been added to the list.That’s because we integrated the FontAwesome icon set alongside Divi’s native icons.You can filter between Divi icons and FontAwesome icons.The FontAwesome icon file will only be loaded if you use a FontAwesome icon, so this update won’t hurt your website’s performance when you upgrade.Thanks to Divi’s Dynamic CSS system, Divi only loads the CSS needed to style your website based on the modules and module features you use.

The New And Improved Icon Picker

The update also comes with an improved interface for browsing icons.

– Icon Search – The icon picker now comes with a search field.All Divi and FontAwesome icons come tagged with related terms and you can search the list to quickly find the types of icons you are looking for.

– Icon Filters – The icon picker can also be filtered by different icon styles and font families.You can combine search and filtering to really hone in on your target icon.

– Expanded Icon Picker Modal – Clicking the expand icon next to the icon picker will make the icon picker full-screen.

Now you can see more icons at once when you scroll through the list.Icons are also displayed at a larger size in the expanded modal.

The New Divi Icon Module

We added a new Icon Module to Divi’s module set.Now you can easily add icons to your page without having to pair them with text using the Blurb module.The new icon module comes with all the design settings that Divi users are familiar with, which means it is fully customizable.We also updated all of the Divi modules that use icons and added new options that allow you to change the icon and customize its appearance.

36 New Social Media Networks

This icon update comes with the full suite of social media icons, which means we also updated the Social Follow Module and added 36 new social networks to choose from.No matter where your business exists online, you can quickly create social buttons to help grow your following.

Divi’s New Icon Options Are Available Today!

Divi’s new icon options are available today, so give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments.Stay tuned for more great Divi updates coming soon, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe so that you can be the first to know when our next Divi feature is released.I always give a detailed look into each feature and it’s a great way to get up to speed before you update your website.

If you are running your websites on Divi, these are videos you really don’t want to miss.

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