32 Best Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates For Web App and Website Backends 2021


image32 Best Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates For Web App and Website Backends 2021 Create a powerful, practical and user-friendly dashboard with any of these Bootstrap admin templates.They are versatile enough to fit any business and industry with ease.These days, all websites must adapt to this new dynamic landscape.By not featuring a fully responsive interface, a business can risk alienating a large portion of its target demographic.Both the admin panel and the page itself must be fully-responsive, capable of supporting hand-held devices.Luckily, that’s something all the tools we have here cover by default.

For those who wish to establish and maintain a successful web presence, Bootstrap is an ideal choice.It simplifies mobile-first web design and makes it very user-friendly.

It has a large roster of components, tools, and patterns, providing support for frontend developers and web designers.This prolific front-end framework is definitely a game-changer.You can use Bootstrap 4 admin templates for any type of product, application, or site.As a result, many administration panels can accommodate all customers.

You don’t need to be an expert in order to run an online business, given the streamlined administrative front-end capabilities of these panels.Below you can see awesome Bootstrap admin templates for web apps and other professional-looking website backends.Explore 2.5 Million Digital Assets including 600+ Admin Templates 2M+ items from the worlds largest marketplace for Admin Templates, Themes & Design Assets.Whether that’s what you need, or you’re just after a few Stock Photos – all of it can be found here at Envato Market.Best Bootstrap Admin Templates ArchitectUI HTML (Most Popular) ArchitectUI is a Bootstrap 4 based admin panel template of great recognition.It has a Starters kit for all its 7 pre-built templates for an easy start.

It also features a Jade template builder.This makes layouts to be unlimited and unique.

ArchitectUI has 7 amazing menus and fast navigation or search bars.Headers and footers are flexible and customizable.As for Jade builder, it works completely offline in for Windows, Mac & Linux.ArchitectUI provides +1500 pages and 5 niche dashboards.

Translate texts with its RTL support and compatibilities for other plugins.

You get to play around with color schemes with its 24 versatile options.To arrange uploads there are three columns manageable with code editor and forms.ArchitectUI is essentially multipurpose and adaptable.

It can fit any web application and comes with built-in options.It has been integrated with great plugins like Google Maps and Font Awesome.You will find it to be all devices ready and mobile-friendly.ArchitectUI has professional support in addition to awesome video tutorials.

It is impossible to get lost! Available are also lifetime free updates, so always expect them.Check out customers comments and it will be hard to hold back! Get this 5 star rated vast and diverse admin template now! Go for ArchitectUI! [More info / Download] [Demo] ArchitectUI – Angular 12 & Bootstrap 5 ArchitectUI is a new admin dashboard that ends up being super powerful and practical.It comes as an Angular 12 admin template that is based on Bootstrap 5 .This is one tool that you must have in your developer toolbox.

Regardless of the application, you are bringing into being, sort out the admin dashboard section fully with the outstanding ArchitectUI.Out of the box, you get to select from nine impressive dashboard samples which come coupled with loads of different features and functions.Nothing is missing, making sure you get the most out of it with ease.Speaking of features, let’s chat about some of the core ones.

In the bundle of amazingness, ArchitectUI includes over 150 handy components that you can mix and match with your creativity.Moreover, there are 25 buttons styles, eight color skins, ten card styles, as well as vertical and horizontal menu options.Additionally, ArchitectUI also comes with a wide selection of plugins that will speed up the process of realizing the platform.From calendar, Slick Slider and CountUp to Vector Maps, Metis Menu and Rodal Modals, ArchitectUI has it all and a whole bunch more [More info / Download] [Demo] Fiori Fiori is a banging Bootstrap admin template that will help you start your online project sooner rather than later.It is a full-blown solution for creating admin dashboards of all types.With that in mind, it does not really matter what your web project is all about, with Fiori, you will surely cover all the necessary and then some.Out of the box, Fiori comes with a horizontal layout which beautifully displays content on all devices and browsing platforms.After all, Fiori is responsive, flexible, retina-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Some of the goodies that Fiori brings to the table include but are not limited to preset color skins, fixed footer, sticky sidebar, fluid containers and more.It also offers you to choose from nine different demos, over two hundred fully customizable components and scalable assets architecture.[More info / Download] [Demo] Kero (Highest Rated) Kero is a magnificent Bootstrap admin template with nine samples and nine predefined color schemes.With the available variations alone, you can quickly define the final look of your admin dashboard.However, Kero still allows you to modify and improve the default settings to your likings and branding regulations.In short, you have unlimited options and possibilities to fine-tune the layout and make Kero your own.By the way, you can also select between horizontal or vertical layouts out of the box.What’s more, Kero also contains 150 beneficial components, more than ten different styles of cards and various navigation menus.

Also, Kero has five icons packs for you to find the ideal blend without a hassle.Let’s continue with the hype by letting you know that there are also different ready-made pages for registration, forgot password, login and more.You can indeed alter the look with solid and gradient colors, as well as image backgrounds.[More info / Download] [Demo] Sales Dashboard Sales Dashboard is a powerful Bootstrap admin template that you can use for all sorts of financial intentions.

The tool will help you collect all the data in one place conveniently.With this, you can have a better overview of how your business is doing, whether you need to tweak and improve it and the like.With a collection of over two hundred elements and amazing customization capabilities, you can easily tailor Sales Dashboard to your needs and demands.As a matter of fact, you can even employ it for a different project if you enjoy its style.[More info / Download] [Demo] Cryptocurrency Dashboard If you are in the crypto and Bitcoin space, hence the name, Cryptocurrency Dashboard is the ideal admin template to consider.

It follows all the modern trends and regulations, ensuring you skip the building process from scratch entirely.

There are different dashoard styles and multiple internal pages to work with, all easy to use for everyone to get the most out of Cryptocurrency Dashboard.Moreover, the template contains documentation files, layout modifiers, responsive structure and Bootstrap 4 base.You can quickly and comfortably apply it to different projects and applications due to the superb extensibility.[More info / Download] [Demo] Finance SaaS Dashboard For the financial industry exclusively, here is a remarkable Bootstrap admin template that will make an immediate difference.For a small investments you get a plethora of different dashboard styles, pages, elements and components.In other words, there is something for everyone, regardless of how picky your taste is.

What’s also important to note is the customization freedom you have when working with Finance SaaS Dashboard.In other words, fine-tune it to your needs and set up a practical admin panel sooner than later.You can use it for SaaS, software, application or even a website effortlessly.[More info / Download] [Demo] Marketing Dashboard When you have multiple marketing campaigns live, you need to keep everything as organized as possible.Only then, you can achieve the results you would like to attain.If you are all over the place, you won’t be able to gather statistically significant data that will help you make right decisions.

Thanks to Marketing Dashboard, you can now gather all the information, statistics and results in one location – your admin.Your entire team will have it easy working on different projects for one business or multiple.Marketing Dashboard is also in perfect harmony with different devices, ensuring excellent performance for mobile and desktop users.[More info / Download] [Demo] Analytic Dashboard If you have no idea what’s happening with your business, very likely, you will not come too far with it.For analytics, data, statistics, you name it, that’s when Analytic Dashboard comes into play.With an all-around admin dashboard, you can track everything, examine the performance in great detail and go from there.

Analytic Dashboard includes nine dashboards, Bootstrap 4, ten color schemes, over two hundred components and the list goes on.Depending on the license you get, professional support and regular updates are also available for you to benefit from.[More info / Download] [Demo] Directory Dashboard For directory or listing platforms, but really, Directory Dashboard is capable of so much more.This Bootstrap admin template is here to assist you on your journey to launching a successful dashboard.With its modern and minimal design, everyone will enjoy the smooth experience that Directory Dashboard delivers.Speaking of which, the template is in complete harmony with mobile and desktop devices.

You can modify the layout however you want, use and reuse the 200+ components and pick from multiple main dashboard formats.Directory Dashboard is here to offer you a helping hand in creating something extraordinary.

[More info / Download] [Demo] User Management Dashboard Managing user profiles for any type of project or platform becomes easier than you think with User Management Dashboard.It can help gather any type of data for you to study further, optimize and take action accordingly.What’s cool about this type of tool is that you will have it all in one location, without losing anything.Some of User Management Dashboard’s features are dark/light sidebar, calendar, animations, tables, cards, UI kits and maps, to name a few.

With the modern and minimal design, overviewing your business’s performance will be a little breeze.[More info / Download] [Demo] Hospital HTML Dashboard When running a hospital, a clinic or another medical institution, an admin panel will come in exceptionally handy.Hospital HTML Dashboard is here to help you make a difference quicker than you think you can.The different dashboard styles, two hundred components, scalable assets and more, this template is no joke.Have an overview of your doctors, nurses, patients, sales and other activities in a convenient atmosphere.Hospital HTML Dashboard is also a Bootstrap admin template with a 100% fluid layout for excellent performance on different devices.

See the live preview first and never look back.[More info / Download] [Demo] Metronic Metronic is a Bootstrap admin template that will save you a ton of time and energy when setting up the right admin for your modern application.

With the solid and bold framework, Metronic handles all your ideas and wants without running into any challenge at all.

Have in mind, if you are new to the game, the support team is always at your service, ready to guide you at successful creation of your application’s admin.For your information, video tutorials are also part of this gem.Immediately, you get to choose between different sample contents which you can use as-is or enhance further.Whatever the case, the end product will be fluid, flexible and extendable.Indeed, Metronic follows all the current web development trends.

Core features and amenities of Metronic are an extraordinary performance, regular updates, RTL support, real-time preview and a developer-friendly code.Approach establishing a killer admin dashboard confidently and comfortably with Metronic.[More info / Download] [Demo] Monarch Monarch is our most popular Bootstrap admin template.It is used by many popular databases, SaaS , web applications and much more.This template is mobile friendly and works well on any device you can find in your office or home.

Monarch is available as AngularJS and HTML template .This template has dozens of difference chart version included that will make your dashboard to stand out between the rest.This admin template is made by developers for developers to take their project to the next level.[More info / Download] [Demo] AdminPro There is no need to wonder why AdminPro is named the way it is.The level of professionalism is the highest and it is you who can take it all to your advantage.

Use AdminPro to its full potential and unlock an entirely new world of possibilities for yourself.With this web app UI kit, you can do many things and apply it to almost any industry.To go straight to the business, AdminPro has countless ready-to-use material, six color skins, dark and light sidebars and more than five hundred UI elements.Three-level drop-down menu, charming calendar, gallery, regular updates, documentation and support, AdminPro is one package with many features.

Chances are, you will not even need to create anything yourself and use only what is available.[More info / Download] [Demo] Espire Style for miles and performance of the highest levels, that’s how Espire roles.It is a Bootstrap admin template with a pixel perfect and fully pliable design.Meaning, your admin and user dashboard will fluently readjust to smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Mobile users are especially crucial in this day and age and Espire is very well aware of it.The Espire package includes both Angular and HTML5 versions but reading this article, the latter is the important one.While the features are vast, let’s speak about some of the key ones.Clean and commented code make Espire a template that is easy to adjust and tailor to your exact needs.

Moreover, Espire comes with six color presets, dark and light sidebars and RTL switch.[More info / Download] [Demo] Gull Gull is a striking, modern and sophisticated Bootstrap admin template for different applications and web projects.Moreover, it is based on modern plugins and tools, so it keeps its performance of the highest degree.Not to mention, Gull is very easy to use thanks to cleanness and organization of the core structure.Of course, Gull is also mobile-ready, to make sure all the stats and details appear smoothly on all devices and platforms.Out of the box, Gull comes with four different dashboard versions, horizontal and vertical layout, different color skins, image cropper and form wizard.

Additionally, you get invoice builder, chat application, inbox app and eCharts.Gull is also accompanied by comprehensive documentation that helps simplify the process of creating the ideal admin dashboard for your project.You also gain access to friendly support in case of any additional questions and concerns you may have.[More info / Download] [Demo] Admin Press Some of the Bootstrap admin templates are so insanely amazing, you need to see the live demo to believe it.Just like Admin Press, all the others you better go and see them in action if you have not yet.You can play around with different features and see what is possible.

In short, a lot! Countless features and elements, spectacular characteristics, new technologies, they have it all in store for you.Admin Press template is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes with five demos, including dark and RTL varieties.Six different color presets, widgets, gallery options, drop-down menu, calendar, you see, Admin Press is big.And this is just a tiny percentage of what is at your disposal.You might even unlock something secret and powerful on the go which will surely be a pleasant surprise.[More info / Download] [Demo] DashLite DashLite is a powerful and multi-purpose Bootstrap admin template that caters to many applications.

There are different predefined concepts and samples for you to utilize.In addition to that, DashLite also has very many internal pages, even comes in dark mode and fully RTL compatible.

DashLite is no joke.Tons of icons, over twenty components, easy to customize and clean code, DashLite rocks it all and then some.

The amazing support and frequent updates also make sure that you are set for success right from the get-go.For an admin that works for just about anything, pick DashLite.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Cuba Cuba is another spectacular admin template that comes in heaps of different variations.Of course, there is also the HTML Bootstrap model that will fit you flawlessly.Cuba has a very modern and clean design so that everything comes into view beautifully.Even though there may be a ton of information running in your admin, Cuba presents it all in a distraction-free way.

It just knows how to display content the right way.Two main dashboard demos, thirty practical components, lightweight core, dark mode and form wizards are some of the features that come in the Cuba kit.Feel free to preview it first, experience it and go from there.[More info / Download] [Demo] Midone Midone is a fully set admin template that sorts out your project or application.It comes as a massive bundle of ready-to-use material to use and reuse.

There is a collection of fifty and counting pages to mix and match according to your needs.The layout of Midone is also fluid, making sure it adapts to all devices without a hitch.Other treats of the tool are editable elements, Webpack module bundler, three menus and two pricing styles.If you need one tool to cover your entire admin dashboard, you better consider using Midone and all its perks.[More info / Download] [Demo] Monster When scouting the web to find the best back-end templates, you are after those which offer the most complete solution.

Indeed, you do not have to look elsewhere to find such product.We collected them all by hand and compiled this first-class collection of the most valuable Bootstrap admin templates.Monster is a real giant amongst the dashboard templates with a mountain of predesigned content for your convenience.Five dashboards, six demos, five hundred UI elements, seven hundred pages and twelve color schemes, I know, there is a lot of stuff going on.What all this tells you is that you will need to invest barely any time to finalize your project and make it go live.Choose Monster template and reach first goals way sooner than you initially planned on achieving.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Veltrix Be a frontrunner in any industry with Veltrix.This Bootstrap admin template has all the makings to serve different business websites, projects, application and software.It features ready-made content in the best way possible both for the creator and the user.Select from various layouts, dark and light looks, pages, chart, fonts and more to take advantage of your web design.There are also login, register and error pages included in the bundle.If you would like to step things up, you can do so by sprucing up Veltrix’s layouts and features.In other words, you can customize and fine-tune the default web design effortlessly.Additionally, this template has social media, invoice, calendar and Google Maps features that enable you to extend viewership and visibility.

Besides, Veltrix also fully supports RTL languages.There’s more to find so try Veltrix now and you will never need to look back.[More info / Download] [Demo] Ample Admin Ample Admin is a specialized web app template made for panels and dashboard improvement.It gives you 7 different demos to chose and many great webapps integration.

It works great with WordPress themes and all kinds of websites in general.You can add sliders, stylish timelines, media editing options and much more.Ample Admin is Bootstrap based and uses all its features to work the best possible.Get stuff like Range Slider, Summernote, and Lightbox completely integrated.

You will get 10 awesome additions, among them: a treeview design, a mini sidebar and many custom pages.Ample Admin gives you communication options with e-mail add-ons and a chat app.You will also get lots of widgets and tables, as well as a calendar.Ample Admin uses MegaMenu, Google Maps and +500 IU components.This template is documented and provides support all the way.It is very adaptable and integrates well with other elements.

You will get +3000 amazing icons and both HTML and Lessbase CSS3 support! Is there anything more you need? Well, you probably will get it! Try Ample Admin and discover it yourself! Number 1, all browsers compatible, specialized template on panels: Ample Admin! [More info / Download] [Demo] Cork Cork is a dope Bootstrap admin template that offers you an array of layouts and plenty of features to take to your benefit.From eight main demos, dark and light mode, as well as full flexibility and nifty customization features, Cork makes sure you get the most out of it right from the get-go.

The code is clean and tidy, offering you the effortless process of bringing into being an admin dashboard tailored to your needs.Moreover, every Cork user also gets a lifetime worth of updates, extensive documentation and access to a friendly and professional support team.With Cork, you are in good hands and that is a guarantee.Keep in mind, the sample material also comes as an RTL version for you to use it out of the box.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Skote With six different demos, Skote offers you a quick-start of building a sophisticated admin dashboard.You can also choose between dark and light modes, as well as RTL and LTR style.Moreover, Skote is entirely compatible with all modern devices, smartphones, tablets and destkop computers.It also operates without a hitch on different web browsers for an always smooth and steady operation.

This Bootstrap admin template offers quite an array of features that save you all this additional time and energy.You get plenty of additional pages for calendar, eCommerce , projects, invoices, tasks, contacts and emails, to name a few.

A few other treats include amazing documentation, effortless customization, loads of components and quick support.Make your top-notch admin panel now with the help from the all-around and highly practical Skote.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Dashforge The cleanness of Dashforge knows no limits, as it easily and quickly adapts to all sorts of intentions.Yes, even if using Dashforge’s default appearance, you can utilize it for your objective without a sweat.Of course, Dashforge allows for customization tweaks, too, so you get to tailor it to your wants specificly need precisely.In the Dashforge bundle, you get a collection of four ready-to-use dashboard demos.One for sales monitoring, one for analytics, one for cryptocurrency and the last one for helpdesk management.

In addition to that, Dashforge also sports quite a plethora of pages and elements that you can mix and match accordingly.More goodness of Dashforge includes three navigations, skin customizer, tables, Google Maps, form validation and a whopping five hundred and counting reusable components.Dashforge is a serious competitor when it comes to Bootstrap admin templates.[More info / Download] [Demo] Elite Admin Elite Admin is a sleek and efficient, fast-loading and mobile-friendly, cutting edge and readily responsive premium web app admin dashboard template.The template has been built specifically for developers and webmasters that need a reliable, supple and versatile template that can quickly adjust to a wide range of necessities and broad set of different web applications, such as customized admin user panels, web app backends, CRM or CMS and all similar, related applications.

Elite Admin has been tailored to be natively responsive across the board.It helps you produce a highly cross-compatible platform that carries perfectly over different devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

With tons of diverse chart production options, a helpful and intuitive multi file upload tool, tons of dynamic table examples, form validation tools galore and over 2000 Font Icons, Elite Admin has all the gadgets required to run the show on the modern web and let users tinker and fine-tune web apps in real time, with sophisticated capabilities and a myriad ready to use plugins integrated into Elite Admin for your convenience, from Vector Maps and Google Map API integration to Inbox and Carousels, Elite Admin can do it all.What are you waiting for? Try Elite Admin! [More info / Download] [Demo] Limitless Staying true to its name, Limitless is a modern Web Application kit that can revolutionize your online presence.This admin template is clean and highly versatile, given that it is based on LESS and Bootstrap.The main layout variation has 3 alternative versions.

Limitless has over 1000 components with multiple options and features.In total, more than 100 plugins are part of the kit, offering to expand any page’s capabilities.With this professional admin template, there is no limit to what your online business can achieve.You will benefit from a Starter Kit, which incorporates useful blank pages for further customization.Limitless is fully responsive, capable of showcasing elements on hand-held devices such as Smartphones and Tablets.If you are a coder, your workload has been greatly reduced.

Every file will have an associated piece of code, making it easier for you to find and edit it.The download will incorporate minified and normal CSS files, which are LESS-compiled.The entire panel will be completely translatable, allowing the user to choose a main language, and a fallback language option.In addition, a language detection function was incorporated.

Modify and customize headers and panels easily, in order to meet the site owner’s needs.[More info / Download] [Demo] Slant The administration panel will be the heart of your website.Slant is a gorgeous, modern admin dashboard theme which was constructed using Bootstrap and the versatile AngularJS framework.Upon implementation, it can enhance and improve your page administration panel, giving it an elegant and unique look.In the modern age, speed is everything.Readers and customers will avoid sites with slow loading speeds, as they seek to optimize their browsing experience.Thankfully, Slant has implemented a Lazy Loading function.

Also known as a dynamic loading function.This setting allows the user to designate which site components will load when the user reaches it.By eliminating the need to load non-essential components, the overall speed increases.After you purchase Slant, every customer will benefit from free theme support for 6 months.Your premium admin dashboard is responsive towards mobile devices, eliminating any compatibility issues.You can make changes while the administrator is on the move, increasing your page’s versatility.A Calendar, Mailbox and Chat API function are at your service, in addition to some practical and user-friendly widgets.

Slant has multiple chart variations, and a series of beautiful layouts options.For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.[More info / Download] [Demo] OneUI OneUI is a highly adaptable UI framework that was constructed using Bootstrap.

It allows users to design their site’s frontend and backend sections while using a single powerful and fast layout.

Its design is simplistic and streamlined.With OneUI, you can get the job done in a matter of moments.This technological marvel was constructed from the bottom up, taking into account customer feedback.Years of experience and valuable advice has shaped this product into something special.

You can ise OneUI for both apps and websites, and it works perfectly on any platforms, device or browser.Compatibility issues are completely eliminated.The layout is very powerful, as customers can design incredible dashboards by taking advantage of some reusable UI elements.Constructed with LessCSS, this product has a completely modular and user-friendly design.Customization is very easy, given that everything is where it needs to be.

Slow loading times are the primary cause of user dropout rates.Thankfully, you will not alienate your loyal followers, as OneUI is lightning-fast.Watch your well-written posts come to life, thanks to the new blog pack.In addition, the forum pack facilitates the implementation of some exquisite forum pages that perfectly match their site’s theme.[More info / Download] [Demo] Ultra Admin For those who are searching for an excellent admin UI theme, Ultra Admin is an ideal choice.This amazing product can enhance your admin panel with its elegant and unique look.Users will find it easy to personalize it, given the accessible and well-written code.

This admin panel is entirely responsive, capable of working with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.Ultra Admin uses Bootstrap Framework, jQuery, HTML and CSS3.It incorporates some of the best trending plugins, and it has many reusable UI elements.

You can implement this product for any type of web application or product.A large number of plugins was spread across 65+ distinct HTML files.The interface is very clean and elegant, resulting in a pristine browsing experience.The highly adaptable Menu represents a very important Ultra Admin feature, which gives it the ability to reduce its size when the screen is cluttered.This product has a fully-functional chat API.

You are able to open multiple chat windows at the same time.Of course, a mailbox function was incorporated, along with many widget variations.For more information regarding Ultra admin and its features, be sure to access the interesting live preview.[More info / Download] [Demo] In case you are looking for a free Bootstrap admin template then we have got you covered and you can find some great examples here and here .This Post Has 10,676 Comments Thank you so much for the awesome bootstrap admin templates.and now i got 4 list template from you, thanks.Because i’m looking foor lightweight and simple assets to combine wih ReactJS I used Clean UI Admin Template — lightweight, clean and fast.

Highly recommend checking this out! You used Clean UI Admin Template with React? Did it work well? Those are very nice admin panels Hello, guys, thank you for sharing this fantastic admin template list, it helps me a lot.With a use of Monarch, I can get my admin in no time with elegant design.Thank you so much for the awesome bootstrap admin templates.

Thank you so much for these templates.Leave a Reply [Cancel reply](/wp/bootstrap-admin-templates/#respond) [Cancel reply].

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