30 Best Free Blogger Templates To Create A Beautiful Blog Or Magazine Website 2021



Pixel is our latest Blogger template which is completely free to use for private and commercial use.It features several areas and widgets to place advertisements such as AdSense or other ads.This theme also proves to be insanely popular with several thousand users jumping on it within its first 2 weeks.Gossip

Gossip is a neat, tidy and minimal free Blogger template which you can utilize for sharing your stories and images.It is a simple to use tool that will help you start almost instantly.You do not really need to do much in regards of site development and whatnot.The impressive web design is there, ready and set for you to use it and start creating.

To fit the modern web user, Gossip comes entirely responsive and mobile-ready.That said, your page will smoothly adjust to any screen devices, whether a handheld or a desktop one.

Moreover, Gossip is also well-commented so you will have no challenges using and editing this template.On top of that, Gossip is enriched with various custom widgets and full of layout options.Bring your idea to reality with Gossip and make a change.Newcon

As the name implies, Newcon is an exclusive free Blogger template for online magazine and news pages.And if you are after crafting a blog, boy, you came to the right place.Newcon is a versatile and highly adaptive item that will suit even the pickiest users.

Although it already comes with a sophisticated layout that everyone will enjoy, you can still do things your way and customize Newcon to fit your requirements.

Newcon is responsive and retina-ready, as well as optimized for search engines.Driving traffic to your website will be a tad easier.However, it is the combination of a fantastic website and your killer content that will truly help you win the online game.What’s more, Newcon has a tabbed menu, newsletter subscription, error page, handy admin and is fully ads-ready.Sora One

Sora One is an excellent free Blogger template for you to build online magazines with.It has the content at your service, all you need to do is to utilize it and take it to your advantage.Although a free site canvas, Sora One still has quite a considerable amount of features that will benefit your web space.

Before all, Sora One rocks a contamporary look that will entice all your readers.

Some of the features of Sora One template are responsiveness, retina and mobile readiness and fast loading speed.Indeed, Sora One is also fully compatible with all the major web browsers and optimized for search engines.It has loads of other cool and valuable assets, like contact page with form, social media icons, ads spots and a drop-down menu.News Paper

You do not really need much introduction when it comes to News Paper free Blogger template.

Just by reading the name of this next tool, you know already what it is for.Of course, News Paper is a banging website skin for news paper style pages but you can also effortlessly alter it for other projects, like online magazines.Make sure you imagination is not limiting you and broaden up your view.

News Paper is a stunning and attraction-grabbing free tool that comes mobile-ready and SEO optimized.While it keeps things simple and clean, News Paper still has loads of ready-to-use stuff going on.From customizable header and mega menu to featured content widgets, customized pagination and social sharing.

News Paper is a very straightforward web design that just about anyone out there can use.Alpha

With zero prior knowledge regarding coding and website development, you can still start your blogging career using Alpha.Yep, you read that correct.Anyone and everyone out there who is willing, not just test the waters, but fully commit, but has no skills, can start his or her online journal with Alpha.It is a free Blogger template with all the needed and then some to craft a cutting-edge online presence.

Alpha is a super functional, flexible and extendable tool that follows all the latest tech and web regulations.

You do not need to worry about any of the technical part, Alpha already thought of it and implemented it into the layout.I am mainly speaking about mobile and retina readiness, SEO optimization and cross-browser compatibility.You are closer than ever to the realization of your dream blog.Boxy

Boxy is sort of a very creative and fun name of a free Blogger template with a boxed layout.It is an item for news, magazine and blog websites which you can all create in little to no time.

The design is there, you might only need to fine-tune it to suit your branding to a T and you are ready to roll.Start releasing compelling and info-rich content and let Boxy do its magic and appear in on the web in a neat and orderly way.

Boxy has an attractive slider, multi-level drop-down and mega menus, entirely customizable header and loads of custom widgets.You can have the exact page that you see in the live preview for yourself or you can modify it at free will.One thing is for sure, whatever you plan on doing with Boxy, the outcome will always be a top-notch and enticing mobile-ready page.


It does not really matter what your niche is, SEO MAG is here to serve all of them.

You can write about travel, fashion, food, marketing, sports, lifestyle, you name it, SEO MAG is down for the exact same topics you are passionate about.All this tells you is how adaptive and all-around SEO MAG is.With this in mind, make sure you use it to its full potential and shine online.

SEO MAG is a template that is, just like all the rest, mobile and retina-ready and in tune with all popular web browsers.

It also includes loads of features like carousel slider, infinite mega menu, sticky sidebar and widget-rich footer.And once you grow your freshly crafted website to a certain volume of traffic, you can start monetizing it with SEO MAG’s integrated ad placements.Morpho

No doubt, Morpho is a gorgeous, sophisticated, elegant and simple free Blogger template for everyone willing to start thier own online projects.Morpho has a very modern and refined look that applies to the modern mobile users ideally.

Speaking of which, Morpho is fully responsive to work on all devices like a dream.Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, Morpho is ready for all of them.

With its flexible layout, Morpho makes sure that your content is delivered in a way everyone will experience it at the highest degree.You should not be worrying about any of the tech stuff at all.Morpho practices the latest technologies to ensures every visitor experiences your content and your overall website in the same amazing fashion.

But do not hesitate and decorate the look of Morpho with your signature style and make it your own.Evonne

For everyone out there who is in search of a super minimal and contemporary free Blogger template, Evonne is probably your best bet.This tool is a serious eye-candy when it comes to minimalism and frugality.On the flip side, Evonne is packed with goodies that will help you on your blogging journey tremendously.Evonne is a somewhat mixture between an online magazine and a blog, so do use it for the exact purpose that you want – Evonne adapts instantly!

Evonne has a mobile-ready layout which is at the same time compatible with retina screen and web browsers.Also, the site skin is optimized for search engines so your page and your articles get ranked quicker (and higher).Featured post slider, carousels, social media buttons and Google fonts ready are just a few of the specialties of Evonne.


No matter what type of content you would like to publish on your website, it is Papermag that covers it all.This free Blogger template gives you a chance to hammer out the exact website you want for yourself and your readers.Not only that, but you are able to establish your internet presence in a short space of time with little effort invested.

On top of that, Papermag does not cost you a dime.

How cool is that?

Besides, Papermag is also stuffed with quite a significant amount of assets that provide a professional solution for your any-niche blog, magazine or newspaper.It is SEO and mobile-friendly, acclimatizes to all modern and popular web browsers and does not shy away from modifications.You better check out Papermag’s live preview page and see what is possible with this remarkable web design piece.TheBlogger

TheBlogger could not go more to the point with its name.It is a free Blogger template for blogs and magazines of all niches.In fact, you can also create a generic blog or online magazine due to TheBlogger’s cool and practical navigation.

They can pick the topic they want to read and all your enthralling articles will appear right in front of them.And that, my friends, will happen in a very clean and sleek way.But that is something you will understand better only once you see TheBlogger’s live preview page.

This cracking website building tool is stuffed with an array of features for your convenience.It comes with a responsive and mobile-ready design, advanced SEO optimization, newsletter subscription and documentation.To turn your page into a money making machine, TheBlogger also includes predefined ad placements.Everyday

Everyday is another clean and creative free Blogger template that suits many ideas for online blogging projects.

It is put together in a way that complete beginners and professionals can both utilize it to its full potential.Also, you do not need to use Everyday exactly how it comes out of the box.

Of course, you can improve and enhance it so it will follow your expectation accordingly.

There are plenty of features and assets you gain access to once you download Everyday free of charge.Not only does it practice all the modern web and tech standards, Everyday also contains a ton of extra components to spice up the experience.Your readers will love browsing through your content and love returning back for more.Take the opportunity and start something distinct and unlock a new chapter in your life.


While something like lifestyle, fashion even health and beauty would work best with Ratio, you can do much more with it than that.This free Blogger website template gives you the necessary assets and elements that you demand for the creation of a fine internet space.It does not even require much work and time to have the exact page that you want up and ready to go live.

With Ratio, you will manage and maintain a niche blog or a general news page with ease.It is all pretty self-explanatory and very newbie-friendly.Ratio is also SEO optimized, mobile and retina ready, works smoothly with web browsers and includes full-width Instagram feed.The minimal design of Ratio showcases your texts and images stunningly and engagingly regardless of the device they use.

Get started! WriteUp

Any free Blogger template you find in this collection is responsive, perfectly adapting to all devices and WriteUp is no different.This is another impressive tool that you can get at the price of free.Start utilizing it right off the bat and have your dream page set up sooner rather than later.WriteUp gives you loads of options to realize your page and allows you to modify it to your likings.

WriteUp has all the technical stuff in perfect order and does not require any coding knowledge.You read that correct; you can easily make a blog, a newspaper or a magazine website with WriteUp.

It is also compatible with search engines and browsers, as well as optimized for high loading speeds.

Get your word out there with WriteUp and enjoy seeing satisfied readers.NewsLog

Sure, you can use Blogger for a broad specter of purposes but it comes ideal for bloggers and journalist who would like to start something on their own.

NewsLog is a free Blogger template that fits news-first pages like a dream.It is an eye-appealing web design that displays your content neatly for readers of all levels to enjoy.In other words, it does not matter where they come from and what device they use, with NewsLog, the experience is the same amazing one all the time.

Bear in mind, while you can use the free version of NewsLog for as long as you would like, you can also upgrade to the premium version.It unlocks even more features and stretches out the horizon of possibilities you have with it.But do test the waters by downloading NewsLog right now without charge and have a page up shortly after.SportsMag

The major part of free Blogger templates you find in this collection are generic ones but we have a few niche-specific, too.However, the real deal behind these web design is that all could be adjusted and employed for something completely varying.

Even when it comes to SportsMag, sure, you can use it for sports-related news pages but you can also apply it to other niches.

SportsMag focuses on readability and performance, making sure not only you but your guests are pleased as well.Reading your content will be distraction-free with SportsMag – a crucial characteristic of a successful blog or news page.Moreover, SEO, mobile and retina readiness are also part of the game, just like browser harmony.SportsMag does not miss a thing and you can always upgrade to a premium version if there is a need.Global

Global is taking modern to the next level, if we didn’t know any better, this template could easily be confused for a well-configured WordPress blog, it’s simply that good! Right away, on the homepage, we are greeted with a stunning slider plugin for displaying your latest content, a featured posts widget to outline your best posts quickly, actual content pages resemble a modern media news websites where the emphasis is put on content, and the promotion of content through social media.Great mix of typography makes Global a contender for being one of the best Blogger themes in this list.Glamour

So many designers make bold moves with the choice of their template names, but Glamour is one that actually does look glamorous and enables a glamorous blogging experience for both the blogger, and the user browsing the blog that’s using the Glamour template.

Slow scrolling might intimidate some, but one look at the post pages and the charming fluidity of typography and text-style is what makes Glamour the number one choice for fashion sites, food blogs, and travellers who want to express their thoughts in a more petite way.Fabric

Fabric is bringing back the 2-column layout in style! First thing we notice about Fabric is how easy it is to navigate the homepage of latest blogs, all posts are attended with featured post images, making the homepage feel alive, which often is important for blogs writing about things like tutorials, write-ups, lists, and other similar content.We see Fabric as a great choice for bloggers who wish to maintain a regular blogging schedule, and have a design that really compliments varieties of content, without putting the emphasized feel on just one particular type.

You can easily customize the sidebar to be fitted with your own widgets and elements that will better explain your strategy.

Kylie Jo

Kylie Jo is a Blogger template from Colorand Code, with a girly name, but not so girly design.Features are a 2-column layout with a right-hand sidebar, and a gallery theme that makes browsing many posts at the same time a very pleasant experience.The feel of the design is fresh combined with crispness, yet maintaining that minimal feel to it.It’s a very unique design in the sense where it capitalizes on all three parts of the website, the navigation, the content area, and the footer.

Will be a great theme to use on blogs that are meant to be used as ways to share stories, diaries, and articles.Papersheet

Papersheet is another beautiful theme for writers and storytellers, it’s a no-sidebar template that focuses on displaying all of the available content on the homepage, offering readers the chance not to have to click away from when they start to immerse themselves in one of your published stories.It’s also lightweight and uses a general theme of light colors to put the emphasis on written content, than anything else.Johny Cassia

Are you looking for a Blogger theme that will help to inspire authority in the eyes of your readers? Look no further than Johny Cassia — a state of the art responsive Blogger theme that’s clean and crisp out of the box.Good fit for foodies, travellers, and others in similar fields who want to take utilize features by the likes of automatic thumbnail resizing, search engine optimization, custom error pages, email newsletter subscription module, and many others.

Broad selection of fonts and exceptional typography makes Johny Cassia a great theme overall.

Better Mag

Want to run a magazine blog, though feeling like you’re technically incompetent to build your own magazine style? Don’t worry, Better Mag has got you covered, for good! A fantastic Blogger magazine template fit for news sites in any field, be it health, technology or science, Better Mag will find use in any of those situations.We love the full-width header logo that helps to make a clear statement about your projects.WordPress Blog Themes Jevelin (Most Popular)

Are you interested in getting yourself involved in the blogging space? If that is the case, you can now share your story with the entire world by simple employment of Jevelin.This excellent theme is a pack full of extraordinary features and functions, perfect for building any type of blog.

No matter if it is niche or general, heck even an online magazine or newspaper site, you can get them going all and then some with Jevelin.There are many predefined demos available for you to put into play.

In addition to that, Jevelin also comes with a banging element editor, offering you a visual experience when doing the web development work.Very advantageous, indeed.

What you also get with Jevelin are Slider Revolution, nine headers, more than forty shortcodes, mega menu, social sharing and multiple custom widgets.For bloggers specifically, Jevelin rocks six different layouts and supports five different post formats.More info / Download Demo Divi

Not only can blogging be a ton of fun, but you can also make a living out of it.Once you make it popular, you can easily monetize it and turn it into a money machine.

With Divi, you can now establish a banging blog regardless of your aim.Whether this means to start a personal, food, travel, DIY, fashion, political, health, sports, or any other blog, Divi makes sure to deliver all the required for a quick launch.

And there is all and everything packed in the bundle for speedy blog creation.One tool that takes care of it all is, of course, Divi.

But Divi also comes with tons of extensions and other elements for instant integration.Additionally, Divi is responsive and flexible, making sure it remolds to any device directly.Your blog will also work flawlessly on all browsers, as well as deliver an outstanding experience due to fast loading.More info / Download Demo Gillion (Trending Item)

With over fifteen demos and over fifty ready-made templates, Gillion is a tool that you can use for constructing any blog imaginable.From food, lifestyle and fashion to tech, personal, travel and general news, the options are there, ready for you to take to your benefit.

With its clean, minimal and contemporary look, Gillion adjusts to tons of users and their picky tastes out of the box.However, all the layouts are also easily modifiable with the WPBakery drag and drop builder.

If we were to list all the amenities of Gillion, it would take us forever to complete the task.Still, here are some of the key ones you will find of great value: social integration, loads of headers, Slider Revolution, six post formats and sticky navigation.

Skip the code, get your hands on Gillion and start a fresh blogging project with the wondrous Gillion.

More info / Download Demo Blogxer

When setting up a blog, Blogxer will surely do the trick.After all, in the kit, you will discover twelve outstanding homes and additional fifteen inner page layouts.With these alone, I am sure you will find the look that will spark your interest.And if you would like to tweak it slightly, so it suits your taste precisely, you can do that, too, with Elementor.There is no need to code when you use the powerful Elementor, as it unlocks access to the simplicity of dragging and dropping technique.

Eight headers, five footers, live customizer, Disqus, WPML integration, Google fonts and fifteen hours worth of free professional support, Blogxer is no joke.The tool is also optimized for search engines to help you rank higher what translates into more traffic to your blog.

More info / Download Demo Baloo

The simplicity and minimalism of Baloo make sure all the emphasis is on your content.

There are multiple predefined homes at your disposal for a swift and comfortable approach to realizing your dream online journal.

It is always the right way of using Baloo.Meaning, no matter what niche you would like to enter or even if starting a general blog, with Baloo, you can make them all and then some.And to take things a step higher, you can also modify and alter the default settings of Baloo and customize the look entirely.

Drop-down menu, sticky sidebar, Instagram feed, social media icons, newsletter subscription widget, child theme, contact form and entirely responsive layout are just some of the features of Baloo.Documentation, free updates and support are also part of the deal to keep you on top of the game all the time.More info / Download Demo Shapely (Free)

Shapely is a super powerful tool that you can use for nearly any online project you would like.And if it is not a complete fit-out of the box, you can easily enhance it with your creative touch and introduce different plugins to it.

At the end of the day, whatever you try to accomplish with Shapely, the outcome in regards to web design will be majestic with each attempt.

Shapely is completely responsive, mobile-ready and showcases content on retina screens crisp clean.You will need to invest very little time and energy to get things moving in the right direction with Shapely.

You can translate it, create an online store with it or make a web agency website with Shapely.Font Awesome icons, unlimited colors and hero image are just some additional specialties of Shapely.Download Preview Webify

All the bloggers and soon-to-be bloggers out there, here is Webify.In short, you are welcome.

Why? Webify is a user- and beginner-friendly tool for kicking off any niche or general blog you would like to start.The tool also comes with several ready-to-use samples which you can employ straight away.This saves you loads of time, giving you an opportunity to start something new within minutes.After all, there is no coding necessary and the majority of work is already done for you – what else you need? Indeed, extensive documentation and support are also at your service any time.

A massive selection of headers, footers, blocks, modules and internal pages await every Webify user.On top of that, Webify is also 100% fluid, instantly reshaping to all devices.Your blog will work on all web browsers, retina screens, as well as offer remarkable performance and get picked up by Google quicker due to SEO optimization.More info / Download Demo Sparkling (Free)

Sparkling is a clean and minimal tool with a flat design that handles any device and all modern web browsers.They can read your content from handheld devices, as well as desktop computers; nothing interrupts Sparkling.

The site canvas ideally acclimatizes to retina displays, too, and does not struggle with other tech practices.These could be search engine optimization, loading speed and user experience.With Sparkling, everything is of the highest quality for your convenience.

The web design of Sparkling is very basic, yet still appears on the web super professional.But sometimes, it is the basic and simple stuff that win big times.This same principles also apply to online presence and that is what you should be aware of before building your website.The “keep it simple” approach is always a fantastic decision to make.Download Preview Activello (Free)

Cleanness and minimalism are two of the essential features of Activello.Of course, there is a ton more to it than that but the two mentioned strike you heavy once the live preview page opens.

This same look, you can sport with your own website or you can use a slight variation of it.

That said, if you would like to adjust Activello, by all means, do it at free will.The website skin is easy to use for everyone to get the most out of it.

Some of the goodies of Activello are slider, social media icons, back to top button, drop-down menu and even features an online store.Besides, Activello is ready for advertisements for when you would like to monetize your blog and bring it to an entirely new degree.Download Preview Thank you for visiting Colorlib and reading this article! We highly appreciate it! Now you might want to learn how to make a website using our free WordPress themes .Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product.

The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews..

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