17 Most Popular Fundraising WordPress Themes 2021


image17 Most Popular Fundraising WordPress Themes 2021 Creating a thriving fundraiser starts with our review of the best fundraising WordPress themes.You need to take into account a lot of details when choosing the right design for your website.Not.Anymore.

These themes are tested and proven to work like magic.With all the necessary stuff, such as: – Online donations (with suggested amounts) – Special pages for causes – User-friendliness – [Mobile optimization] – [Social sharing] , and more Fun fact: Charity , NGO and fundraising are big topics in the WordPress theme community.

Brand your fundraising website (quickly, 0 coding) and (positively) impact the community.GO! Best Fundraising WordPress Themes Helping Hands The core structure of Helping Hands is the process of collecting donations.Perfect for business owners in fields of charity , non-profit organizations, and fundraising.The design of this theme almost feels like a Kickstarter alternative for projects related to helping others.As you enter the homepage, the first thing (widget) that pops up is a featured image with a donation overlay.When you add new causes, you can set the necessary donation amount individually.

Helping Hands processes donations through WooCommerce .Payment methods include PayPal and credit cards, but you can add additional gateways through external plugins.

Helping Hands includes a separated blog design where you can publish news about your fundraiser projects.The design of this theme is rock solid, providing a professional solution for fundraising businesses.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Charixy Charixy is a charming fundraiser theme with multiple design options.For example, if you run an independent fundraising company, you can use Charixy to become a bridge for smaller organizations to collect extra funds.

Creating events is all about getting people interested in your causes or projects.You have to host a few events to explain the full details and to report on any progress so far in order to attract donors.Charixy comes with autonomous modules for Events and Projects.Plus, the Projects module helps your fundraising platform organize funds in a single place.Anyone can join a Project to leave a donation.It’s crazy how easy it is to make a donation using this optimized concept.

Thanks, Charixy! [More info / Download] [Demo] Charity Club Charity Club is a fresh theme for charity businesses and fundraiser platforms.You are one step away from complete customization freedom with the drag and drop page builder .Charity Club offers multiple demo designs which take absolutely no time at all to import and activate.Furthermore, the better part of Charity Club is the theme’s customizations panel.This is where you add new website elements, change the location of widgets, and experience a new way of website building.The mobile design of Charity Club is already optimized for automated adaptation to all screen sizes.A large proportion of fundraisers typically raise funds for organizations and charities outside of the U.S.Thus, it’s mandatory that people everyone is able to understand your mission.

The best solution for translating a WordPress website is to use a direct WPML implementation, which this theme provides out of the box.[More info / Download] [Demo] Charity Charity works more like a singular project fundraiser.This fundraiser theme excels in detail presentation.Below the hero introduction of your charity website, there is a donation countdown widget.

Visitors can click the Donate Now button and effortlessly send their contributions.The same content area includes an honorable mention for the latest donators.Furthermore, Charity provides website components to help you explain how other people can join in.Sometimes, it is not just about the money, but also other forms of support.

Charity’s blog adds a method of sharing your project progress, including how well the donations are being spent.You can add an email newsletter and host events quickly to raise awareness for your charity cause.You get it all for your fundraiser with Charity.[More info / Download] [Demo] Charity Hub Charity Hub from GoodLayers is a carefully tailored theme for businesses related to charity, nonprofit, and general fundraising.The crystal clear design emphasizes your causes above all else, making sure that visitors can notice the most important ones you are trying to support.The custom post type for ‘Causes’ lets you publish new donation pages, requiring absolutely no effort on your side.The automated system for collecting donations uses a PayPal back-end API.With this, you can get funds straight to your PayPal account without having to go through a middleman.

And if you like the way that the original demo page is built, you can import the demo file to have your website look exactly the same way.[More info / Download] [Demo] Giving Giving is appropriate for websites related to charity, fundraising, and even non-profit organizations.Whether it’s a cause you’re trying to promote or collect donations on behalf of others, this theme has not only the required design for it, but also has a palette of stunning features.Launching your charity website takes only a few minutes.You might be wondering, how is it possible? One-click demo import! This lets you recreate a website just like you see in the theme’s demo.This brilliant fundraising theme is SEO optimized , adapts to every screen and loads fast .Search engines will find it much easier to index and publish your content.Lastly, Giving uses separate components which you can move around, remove, or combine for some truly special design visuals.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Kunco Kunco is a charity and fundraising WordPress theme with a professional, clean and attractive design .When studying Kunco further, you notice that it brings to the table 5 different demos that are entirely customizable.Install the demo that best resonates with your project with one click and start the journey to a successful launch of a fundraising website immediately.Even if you are starting an NGO, a non-profit organization or any other donation or even church website , Kunco adapts to your needs in an instant.

Kunco comes integrated with Give, a donation plugin and fundraising platform to simplify the process.It is also coupled with a powerful drag and drop page builder, as well as Slider Revolution.Creating a strong first impression and winning over your page visitors is a piece of cake with Kunco.[More info / Download] [Demo] Charitious Charitious is a charity and fundraising WordPress theme, providing a complete solution for your online appearance.It contains 4 demo pages which you can customize further with colors, fonts and other elements and components.No need to stick to the default settings if you would like to differentiate yourself and do things your unique way.

To simplify the donation process, Charitious comes with integrated WP fundraising plugin that will create a seamless experience and give you a chance to scale.The web design of Charitious is very simple and clean, making sure they experience your page distraction-free.Do yourself a favor and get things to happen with the Charitious theme when in need to create a fundraising website.[More info / Download] [Demo] Lifeline 2 Lifeline 2 is a superb WordPress theme for fundraising organizations.Amongst its most distinct recognitions has to be the fact that over 1,500 non-profits are already utilizing this theme.As a bestselling WordPress theme, you can tap into an ecosystem of tools designed specifically for charity/fundraising websites.

The high-quality page builder makes it that even the least skilled beginners can have a go at website design.Collecting funds will only take a few minutes to configure with a completely optimized donations system.Furthermore, if your organization’s business plan involves volunteer programs, you can take advantage of the inbuilt volunteering management system.Encourage people to come and work at your organization for some good karma! [More info / Download] [Demo] Charingo Charingo is the fundraising WordPress theme that will get things moving forward immediately and make your organization shine online.Enjoy the flexible and adaptable homepage sample that caters to all sorts of intentions.In addition to that, you can also fine-tune and alter it according to your needs and regulations with the use of WPBakery .The drag and drop page builder offers you to edit Charingo without the need to write code.Charingo includes loads of features for a swift and straightforward execution of a nifty online presence.

From Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7 and WPML compatibility to one click sample data import and smooth animations, Charingo rocks it all for a top-notch outcome.Take the tool to your total advantage and make it pop.[More info / Download] [Demo] Helpo Helpo is a top-class fundraising WordPress theme that requires no knowledge to kick-start your project.With the many ready-to-use page layouts and heaps of features, you can now start working on your website with confidence.

On top of that, Helpo will also never ask you for coding knowledge (drag and drop technique!).

In total, you get 6 homes, 50 internal pages and over 100+ elements to choose from.There are also different icons, Give plugin for donations/raising funds, online store and social sharing.Moreover, you can also translate Helpo and fully localize the experience.[More info / Download] [Demo] GoodSoul Charities and fundraisers, GoodSoul is here to help you make a difference.It is a powerful fundraising WordPress theme that covers all the necessary.

The layout of GoodSoul is also fully in tune with popular devices and web browsers, guaranteeing an exceptional site performance.The list of features is vast, so you can hammer out the exact fundraiser website you fancy.From HTML files and tons of useful page templates to the blog section, header and footer styles and parallax effect , these are just some of the specialties of GoodSoul.Make it yours and begin on the web with a bang.[More info / Download] [Demo] Proffer When building a charity or a fundraiser website, you only need one tool to make it happen.You can begin in the snap of a finger with a well-thought-out WordPress theme.

Proffer is another high-class alternative that will help you come out with a solid online presence quickly and effortlessly.The design is clean and modern, easily catering to different causes and organizations out of the box.Additionally, you can customize Proffer without a sweat by utilizing Elementor drag and drop page builder .A few extra specialties include Contact Form 7, one-click import, sticky menu, smooth animations and brand logo slider (for sponsors).[More info / Download] [Demo] Save Life Save Life brings some unique twists to the fundraising market while maintaining the vision of being a donation-collecting theme.At the core of its functionality, it strives to be a theme for communities .

Save Life provides you with tools to collect donations, but the community aspect is very distinct.As a result, if you are a non-profit organization that likes to explore people’s stories and lives, then you are unlikely to find a more suitable theme for your needs.

Besides, with multiple features to customize the design, you can never run out of ideas or ways to spice things up.

When it comes to eCommerce , Save Life makes way not only for donations, but also for merchandise.It’s compatible with WooCommerce .There’s absolutely no reason why people wouldn’t chip in to purchase a t-shirt or a coffee mug to support you.

You can do exactly that with Save Life: Market merchandise directly from your community charity website.[More info / Download] [Demo] Goza Goza is one contemporary, easy to use and impressive non-profit and fundraising WordPress theme.It is a breeze using it, due to the fact that it has all the material ready-made for you.All there is for you to do is to make Goza follow your branding regulations and you are ready to roll.

Everything happens quickly and with ease with Goza.In the kit of impressive features and functions, you will first discover 4 pre-built demos.With these alone, Goza takes care of your idea almost in full.Of course, you can freely edit and adjust the designs to your likings.Goza comes coupled with powerful drag and drop website builder which always saves the day.Get creative! [More info / Download] [Demo] FundingPress FundingPress is probably the best example of how a WordPress blog can go in stealth mode.This stellar fundraising WordPress theme is for anything related to collecting funds for projects and/or events.

The design of FundingPress maintains a universal feel since it is not limited to any specific category.

Multiple payment gateways is just one of the many features.Rather than accepting donations via PayPal only, you can also throw in WePay and Stripe.Your visitors can create an account using their social media for an even faster donation process.All forms are rewritten to be usable in the front-end, so your users don’t have to jump back and forth from their profile page.

[More info / Download] [Demo] Born to Give Born to Give is a premium WordPress design for charities, crowdfunding platforms , and nonprofits.It solves the problem of raising funds for any kind of a charitable project.This theme comes with a built-in Events Management plugin.Not only can you create events and allow people to register, but you can also host paid events and have people book tickets on your website.

Furthermore, the platform allows for easy user management and events calendar display .This fundraising theme utilizes the many tools of WP Charitable plugin for adding new campaigns and managing incoming donations.Additionally, with WP Charitable, you can extend your donation payment gateways using 3rd-party extensions.[More info / Download] [Demo].

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